Breakfast with Santa

This morning, my mother in law was so sweet to treat us to breakfast at the Brookwood Community, a residential community that serves adults with disabilities. Santa, Mrs. Claus, and an elf were there for pictures before we sat down to eat. After my post this week on the quest for “perfect” pictures of my kids and how that just isn’t reality, I decided not to stress about getting perfect pictures with Santa, but just snap away and let my kids be themselves. I’m glad I did, because now I have sweet, real memories of a fun morning with family.

Santa was so sweet, and took extra time to talk just to Grayson, which I loved. Charlotte didn’t quite know what to think, but little Miss has never met a stranger, so she just rolled with it.

We were thrilled that the kids’ cousins, Q and C joined us for the morning!

Dear (MIL’s grandmother name) bought an ornament for all the kids. Ryan chose Grayson’s (cowboy boots) and I chose Charlotte’s (a Christmas tree)

Mommy and Me Muffins 🙂

Charlotte adores her cousins. They were so sweet to play with her and keep her out of (too much) trouble.

Happy Birthday to Dear! Kisses and Hugs from Charlotte

After breakfast, it was more fun playtime with cousins at Dear and Grandmommy’s house! Can you tell this is actually a singing Christmas tree with eyes and a mouth? Charlotte was mesmerized!

This picture cracks me up. Three cousins, all engrossed in technology. (See all those toys behind C? No thanks, she says. I’ll just sit and play with Dad’s iphone)

So Grayson had a little accident over at Dear’s house, so he got one of his Christmas presents early (sneaky guy!)- new jammies! I think he likes them because he went straight to sleep when we got home!

It was such a fun morning, and we are looking forward to more cousin fun this afternoon (with baby Theo) when the kids wake up from their naps!


3 thoughts on “Breakfast with Santa

  1. Great pictures! Awesome job just being in the moment and capturing the fun. I love C in her Christmas red dress, and G is too cute in his new pjs. What a fun day for y'all!!

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