Stuff I’m Thinking About Tonight

No real news or interesting topic to blog on, so I just wrote down what came to my mind tonight….

I am increasingly bored and annoyed with television. Maybe it’s the noise- I am in love with the silent moments of my day. I rarely turn the TV on during the day and if Ryan isn’t home, it’s off at night. Now yes, it’s summer and one might argue that there just isn’t anything on anyway, and it’s kind of freeing not to have must see TV to keep up with. I am however, looking forward to the arrival of Dexter Season 5 in my mailbox next month.

Ryan is implementing a program at his school this year called Rachel’s Challenge. It’s a program run by the family of Rachel Scott, one of the students killed at Columbine. The goal of the program is to create a positive school culture based on kindness and change. Ryan’s really excited about the program and has been reading anything and everything he can get his hands on about Columbine. I’m reading one of his books right now, Columbine, by Dave Cullen. It’s chilling.

Speaking of books, I just finished a really good one last week. Sing You Home, by Jodi Picoult. Loved it.

I was going to write a whole post on this, but I’m not sure I have enough to say about it for that. I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot, and have read several posts by other bloggers who are questioning their blog’s purpose and direction. I’m not sure I have a clear purpose and direction at all. But maybe that’s ok. Then I read another post about how “mommybloggers” are considered by many as obnoxious and don’t have anything else going on in their lives but their kids. Well, um, pretty much guilty on that one. Yes, I realize 98% of this blog is Grayson-related, but that’s because 98% of my thoughts, energy and time go to him right now. So yes, maybe my post after post after post about his eating gets old, but it’s where we are right now. I’m sure someday I’ll move on to something more exciting, like potty training!

I do want to get a really cute design for my blog. I realize that a lot of people just read blogs on their Reader, like I do, but I still want the actual blog to be cute. Anyone have a referral of a designer who is reasonably priced??

Yesterday after work I picked Grayson up from daycare and walked in on the older kids’ Talent Show and about 5 twelve year old boys doing their rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Baby, Baby”. It was hilarious. They had the infant room door open so the babies could watch. All their eyes were as big as saucers. Again, hilarious.

We met with the ECI dietitian this morning who weighed and measured G-Man. He now weighs 15 pounds, 14 ounces and is 28.5 inches long. His weight is still 1% but he’s jumped up to 40% in length- wow! Anyway, no huge new suggestions, but we’ll just continue to feed high calorie meals and formula and do a weight check in 2 weeks. We also had our first PT session this morning. She keeps saying Grayson is “stuck”- his mobility and flexibility are low. I asked her if we work hard on his exercises how long before she thinks he’ll be sitting unassisted and she said another month.

Just realized it’s 9:00. Yes, that is my bedtime. I am going to be an awesome old person some day. Goodnight, friends.

Sunday FAIL

Oh my, this is one of those days I am really glad Grayson goes to bed ridiculously early. It hasn’t been a horrible day at all, just kind of off.  We spent the night at my parents’ last night after swimming because G was cranky and not willing to stay up while we ate dinner (sometimes it is very inconvienent that he goes to bed ridiculously early).

I was scheduled to work in the church nursery this morning at 11, so we hurried home to eat, get dressed and get out the door. I carefully packed the diaper bag with everything G would need in case we were stranded on a deserted island gone more than a few hours.

I’m halfway to church and I look to the seat next to me- no diaper bag. Uh oh. It was too late to turn around, so I just said a little prayer that we wouldn’t have any diaper catastrophes or hunger attacks. Everything was fine, and when I got home, yep, there sat the diaper bag, packed and ready to go.

I was feeling optimistic and adventurous about lunchtime today, so I decided to try feeding Grayson avacado. The last time I tried, he threw a huge fit, but I thought it was because I made it too chunky. So the first thing I did was put a hunk of it in one of those net-feeding-thingys, which if anyone has any suggestions on how to clean those things, please let me know. Bleh, they are gross. I popped him in the Bumbo, put it in his hand, he brought it to his mouth, and WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh brother. Come on kid, don’t you know avacado is the world’s most perfect food? Even the internet thinks so! I could seriously eat my weight in avacado. My kid, not so much.

Still clinging to some hope that Grayson and I will be bonding over tortilla chips and guacamole some day, I strapped him in his booster seat, forgot to put on a bib (bonus FAIL), and tried to feed him the smoothest, most pureed, no-chunks or lumps avacado (I even mixed in a little formula to make it even smoother). THIS was his reaction to THAT:

I tried again, and got Grayson’s classic “Ooh, that light is so much more interesting and lovely than that crap you are trying to feed me” head turn.

One final try, and this time I got the head dodge so the avacado ended up on his forehead instead of in his mouth. Now this, he found amusing.

So then I gave up on avacado (for now), stripped him down, and G had a lovely time playing on the floor and just being adorable.

I think this one’s a keeper!

10 Months!

Dear Grayson,

Today, my sweet little Monster, you are 10 months old. Double digits. 2 months away from your first birthday. I guess I missed the day you were officially out of my belly longer than you were in, but it wasn’t too long ago. It’s amazing how much you’ve grown and changed since that September morning when you made your debut into this world.

As evidenced by the picture above (and pretty much any picture I take these days when I try and get you to smile) you have discovered how to stick out your tongue. You do it all the time, but especially when you are happy. You are too cute, little one.

This month has flown by as fast as any other, but as typical with any summer, we’ve lacked a strict routine and I think both you and I are ready to get back to somewhat of a schedule. Today is your second day of daycare, and I hope I do better than I did on Monday. Yes, I said I, not you. You were your typical laid-back, rockstar self, easily fitting in to your new surroundings, while your momma was full of tears and doubts and to be honest, feeling like I was going to throw up all day. But then, when I went to pick you up, there you were, playing happily on the floor with the other babies. I know you are going to be just fine. And I will too (hopefully).

I love your teeny tiny hospital gown they
made you wear at your GI appointment

Your biggest accomplishment this month is you are now prop sitting! The world is so much more interesting from that position isn’t it?

You probably think your Mommy is a little nuts with all the food I’m trying to get you to like, but you sure are a good sport about it. Eating may not be your number one priority in life, but you have yet to flat out refuse anything I’ve tried to feed you (unless it has chunks, and then, OH MY WORD, the DRAMA.) Trust me, it’s okay for food to have a little texture to it, silly goose. You weigh 15 pounds, 8 ounces, and we are hoping to see that number get bigger this month!

Just this week, we had a physical therapy evaluation and it was decided that yes, you do indeed need physical therapy to help you get stronger. You now have five teachers who come to our house to help you, and we love every one of them. They are so sweet to you and have such great ideas. They often come with new toys and contraptions for you to try out- so much fun. We are so blessed that we have the ECI program available to us!

In your “Little Room”- lots of visual and tactile stimulation

After a 2 month hiatus, you decided this week to cut a third tooth. This one comes complete with a runny nose, red eyes, stinky diapers, and lots of discomfort. You’ve woken up screaming 3 nights in a row, but it’s nothing that a little Tylenol and some cuddling didn’t make better. How many teeth do you have left to cut? Eek.

We wondered for months which soothing device you were going to pick- the pacifier or your thumb. Over the last week, you have almost eliminated the pacifier altogether but that thumb is constantly in your mouth. I’m just glad you have something to calm you!

Oh, my little sweet pea, I love you so, so much. And I’m not the only one. You have so many friends, family and people you don’t even know yet pulling for you, praying for you, and loving you. You are such a special little boy. Happy 10 months Grayson!


Oh my goodness, my life has gotten busy the past few weeks! I can’t complain- lots of really good things happening, but I sure am missing my down-time too! I thought this summer was going to be full of “free” time because Ryan was home-well, it turned out to be exactly the opposite. We have been go, go, go since the beginning of June. Starting this coming week, we should be back to somewhat of a schedule, but I don’t see things getting less busy- sigh. Here’s what’s going on.

  • I’ve been working a few days a week and most weekends this summer. Grayson has been staying home with Ryan while I work, which Ryan has called Daddy Boot Camp. I decided a few weeks ago that I’m going to try to continue working 2 days a week when Ryan goes back to work (this week). I love my job, and we could sure use the money. Grayson will be going to a little daycare on the same street as my job (literally, I can get there in 30 seconds or less). He starts tomorrow. I really hope it will be a good thing for both of us- I can continue working at a job I love, and Grayson can get some interaction and stimulation from someone other than me.

  • We are having Grayson evaluated this week by a physical therapist. So, there’s a good possiblity he will have 4 therapists now. I’m a little nervous about this because we’ll have 4 therapists and 3 available days for therapy. Plus, I still want to do Bible study at church this fall and of course have playdates with our friends. I’m wondering how in the world we are going to fit it all in!

  • Grayson’s eating continues to be a source of stress. The latest- he’s decided he no longer likes formula. Or isn’t hungry for formula. Or something. All I know is the kid sleeps 12-13 hours at night and wakes up and drinks 2 ounces. And then every few hours, drinks another 2. What’s up with that?! I’ve come up with a super high calorie, yummy concoction that quite possibly could be filling him up. His “porridge” (which I love to call it about 100 times a day because it drives Ryan nuts) is oatmeal, goat milk, yogurt, almond butter, and bananas. Trust me, it’s delicious. And miraculously, Grayson loves it. But I’m still confused as to what’s more important at this point- the 30 ounces of formula he’s supposed to be drinking (he drank maybe 10 today- oy) or the 3 meals of high calorie solids he’s supposed to be eating. Because it’s not all happening. We are being referred to ECI’s dietician, so hopefully we can meet with her soon and get this all sorted out. And hopefully she won’t tell me to give my baby butter.

  • As I wrote about before, I’m trying to restart my painting business. I really want to get into ceramic plates, as well as continue doing canvas. But, as mentioned above, finding the time to do it is going to be a challenge. I do have a few orders this week (yay!) so I’ll be breaking out the paints tomorrow night!

So, mostly really good things are happening in life right now. I just don’t want to get so  busy that life just whizzes by. Before Grayson, that’s how I always felt about life. When he arrived, in some ways, life slowed way down, and I spent the majority of my time just soaking in and enjoying my baby. I just want to be careful that I still allow for plenty of time to do that. Because this little mess will always be my top priority!

Questioning Doctor’s Orders

I’m becoming more and more disenchanted with doctors and the medical community in general. When we started taking Grayson to specialists at 3 months old, I had a lot of faith that these doctors would be able to run their tests and use their vast medical knowledge and experience to diagnose and “fix” my little boy.

Umm, it hasn’t quite worked out so easily. We have no real diagnosis, no real prognosis, and no satisfying answers.

And honestly, I can’t blame these things on doctors. I realize medicine is limited and doctors don’t know everything.

But. Sometimes I feel like these doctors aren’t really digging for answers. They don’t question slightly high blood levels, don’t (in my mind) try and link all his symptoms, and sometimes seem annoyed and brush off my questions (again, this could be just my perception, but it is- my perception). And sometimes the things they suggest, when I think about them for any length of time, just seem pretty dumb.

We saw a Gastroenterologist this morning. Poor Grayson was dead asleep when it was time to leave (he was so tired from traveling I put him to bed at 4:45 pm, he slept until 4:30 am, bottle, then back to deep sleep until I finally woke him at 6:15). The GI doctor was dry, to put it nicely. He didn’t say one word to Grayson, even when he was examining him. Weird. I understand not everyone is comfortable talking to babies, but you are a pediatric doctor.

Basically the doctor’s great diagnosis for G’s being underweight is he isn’t consuming enough calories. Well yes, I know that. G will often sleep 12 hours and then drink a whopping 3 ounces of formula. He’s 9 months old and has never taken more than 6 ounces in a bottle, and usually it’s 4 ounces. So I had several questions for the doctor.

Do you have any tricks or tips on getting him to drink more formula each bottle? No

What variety should I be feeding him in terms of solids each day? Doesn’t matter, a calorie is a calorie.

What?! Really? So you’re saying if I feed him a donut it’s as good as feeding him a bowl of peas? I don’t buy it.

Then a nutritionist came in to talk to us, armed with 3 samples of Pediasure- chocolate, vanilla and strawberry (Neopolitan! as Ryan called it). She wants us to feed him a bottle of Pediasure instead of formula before he goes to bed at night. I looked at the ingredients- guess what the second ingredient listed is, after water? Yep, sugar. Grreeaat. So you want me to feed my 9 month old basically a chocolate milkshake before bed? Sounds healthy to me! Oh, but I guess it’s ok, as long as he gains weight, right?

Then she suggested we start mixing a pat of butter in with his solids. I’m wary of this one too. As my friend (who has also gone through this with her daughter) said today, “Do we want our kids growing up to think peas taste like butter?”.

Her other suggestion was start feeding him Cheerios. Cheerios have no real dense calories- they are just going to fill him up. Plus he can’t pick up Cheerios yet. Ugh.

So tonight, I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated that a world-renowned hospital’s nutritionist thinks the solution to my baby being little is sugar and butter. That in a day that we are bombarded with warnings of childhood obesity and diabetes, our doctors aren’t offering very helpful advice on good fats and smart calorie choices. I sat down and googled “Good Sources of Fat for Babies”. Once again, Dr. Google was way more helpful than Texas Children’s.

And another thing. Every book, website, chart, etc. says babies are supposed to triple their birthweight by one year. G’s birthweight tripled would be 16 pounds, 5 ounces. He only has a little over a pound to go and almost three months to get there. So I guess now my question is (after thinking about this all day), is he really underweight? Is he expected to weigh as much as a baby that weighed 8 pounds at birth when he weighed not even 5 1/2?

Aren’t humans supposed to listen to their body’s cues to tell them when they are hungry and when they are full? Is it possible Grayson really does only need 3 ounces in the morning sometimes? If I start feeding him more than his body tells him it needs, is that going to screw up his system and possibly cause him to become an overeater later on? Of course I don’t want to deprive him of what his body needs to grow and become strong, but are we making an issue out of something that doesn’t need to be made an issue?

Any thoughts, comments and/or suggestions? Am I totally off-base here? Do you think I should feed Grayson Pediasure and butter?

Wordless Wednesday (with captions): Michigan

Giving Grandaddy a kiss at the airport before our flight

Yes, this was only a 4 day trip…oy

Posing with Grandaddy in front of his alma mater- the Midland High Chemics-
 most hilarious, nerdy mascot EVER

Yes, the have a molecule in front of the school.
No wonder my dad grew up to be a chemical engineer!

LOOK WHO’S TRIPODING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So proud of himself- he is SO CLOSE to sitting on his own!

Rose Garden at the Dow Gardens in Midland

Just more cute sitting!

What a great suprise for G to meet his Aunt Carrie! We didn’t know she would
be in Michigan too!

Four Generations

Saying goodbye to Great-Grammie

Kissing Papap goodbye- so sweet

3 hour layover in Detroit- looking at the planes

Zonked on the plane home (yay!)


If I’m being totally honest, traveling isn’t my favorite thing to do. At all. I like the “being there” part of traveling- the visiting with friends and relatives, the seeing and doing exciting things, but I loathe the logistics of traveling: packing, airport security, sleeping in a bed other than my own, etc.
And traveling with a baby makes the whole thing a thousand times more complicated. Getting together bottles and formula, baby food, diapers, pack n play, toys, clothes…my head is spinning! And I know I’m really still in the Minor Leagues on this one- I have upmost respect for those of you who travel with more than one child!

But enough complaining! We are heading to Michigan early tomorrow morning to visit my grandparents. Despite the annoying logistics of getting ready for this trip, I am SO excited for Grayson to meet his great-grandparents and to spend a few days in a state where the average temperature isn’t 100 degrees.  We don’t have much of an agenda- we  are planning to find some fireworks to watch on Monday, but other than that, we just want my Grammie and Papap to enjoy a few days with us and Grayson- which probably means a lot of cuddling, picture taking, and staring at the baby. We are also bringing his ipod with his Fish Song, so if all else fails, we can all sing about fish taking showers and riding bicycles ad nauseum.

We’re going to have to wake Grayson up in the morning about 4:14. Maybe this will be one of his natural 4:00 am wakeup mornings- hmm, am I that lucky? Doubt it. And somehow I doubt he’s going to be his cheerful giggling self when I lift him out of his crib asleep and change his diaper.

I’m also wondering how the flight is going to go. The last time we flew with Grayson, he was almost 4 months old and very “still” as his therapist says. Well, thankfully, he’s not quite as  “still” anymore, which could prove interesting on our 3+ hour flight. And I’m concerned about the State of the Diaper, as the poop-a-thon of the last few weeks is still going strong. But the ratio of adults to baby on this trip is 4 to 1, so surely we’ll be able to handle a little wiggling and a dirty diaper or two. Or three.

Happy 4th of July, and if you think about it, say a little prayer for the other passengers on our flight  us as we brave the friendly skies with our Little Dude!