Wordless Wednesday (with captions): Michigan

Giving Grandaddy a kiss at the airport before our flight

Yes, this was only a 4 day trip…oy

Posing with Grandaddy in front of his alma mater- the Midland High Chemics-
 most hilarious, nerdy mascot EVER

Yes, the have a molecule in front of the school.
No wonder my dad grew up to be a chemical engineer!

LOOK WHO’S TRIPODING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So proud of himself- he is SO CLOSE to sitting on his own!

Rose Garden at the Dow Gardens in Midland

Just more cute sitting!

What a great suprise for G to meet his Aunt Carrie! We didn’t know she would
be in Michigan too!

Four Generations

Saying goodbye to Great-Grammie

Kissing Papap goodbye- so sweet

3 hour layover in Detroit- looking at the planes

Zonked on the plane home (yay!)

9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (with captions): Michigan

  1. Oh my goodness – he's sitting up! We knew the day would come. Hooray! OK, and I'm totally cracking up at your dad's school. ha ha ha!

  2. fun trip! love the pics. good job with the sitting, grayson! and detroit is an aweome place for a layover; jumping fountain AND the pyschodelic tunnel….. OH MY!!

  3. So glad you had a great trip! What wonderful pics, I love them all! Whoo hoo for him sitting up, so great, so proud of him!!!

  4. Loved seeing these photos! I'm so glad you all got to go and see Grammy and Pap pap. I'm sure they loved meeting Grayson! And yay for sitting!! That's awesome : )

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