Friday Update

So I guess my last post was a little more “Debbie-Downer” than I intended. Things are definitely better now than Monday, and my worries are much less after getting them out, as well as talking to family and friends.


I just got back from a doctor’s appointment. 37 weeks- full term!! I REALLY feel like I am bigger than last week and told my doctor that before she measured me. Nope. Still measuring at 33, same as last week. Grr. But she seemed much less concerned than last week  (maybe her seeming more concerned last week was my mis-perception and anxiety, who knows) and the heart still sounds great. She estimates Grayson’s weight to be 5.5 pounds, so I probably need to do some shopping for the teensy-weensie newborn clothes.  I am not progressing internally AT ALL, so she thinks I definitely have a few more weeks to go. Today she said if he isn’t born by my due date she’ll induce on that day. So his birthday could very well be October 7!

Izzy is back to her normal spunky self. She spent all day at the vet Monday. She was dehydrated so she was given fluids, 2 antibiotic shots, and she was sent home with meds and bland food. She was still kind of puny that night, but by the next night, totally fine. Such a relief- I was worried about my little girl!

Ryan is still having a lot of pain in his knee so I think we are back to scheduling surgery. We just don’t know when. Work and baby kind of take up a lot of time šŸ™‚

I really am feeling good today- physically and emotionally. I am just planning on relaxing and enjoying this weekend- get some stuff organized, hang out with Ryan and the dogs, and finish some painting. Hooray for weekends!



“…Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

I’m trying. But at 3 AM when I am wide awake, uncomfortable, hot, sweaty and have a sick little dog plastered to my side whose tummy is making horrible noises, it’s hard not to. I’m worried about my baby who should be bigger by now, my husband who is having terrible knee pain even though he had surgery less than a year ago, our bank account which is significantly smaller now that my summer teaching pay has expired, and my sick baby Izzy. But the verse does say not to worry about tomorrow, and all of this crap is happening TODAY.

Izzy has had diarrhea since Saturday morning. I wasn’t concerned until last night, when she got up about 4 times and the mess had blood in it. So I’ll try and work around my work schedule today and take her to the vet. I just hope she’s ok and whatever it is isn’t too expensive. I guess I’m more worried because Izzy has always been SO healthy- I can’t even remember if I’ve ever had to take her to the vet for something other than vaccinations. I really don’t think I have. The good news is she’s acting ok and still drinking water. So I’ll just hope and pray for the best on that one.

Friday I had a doctor’s appointment. My doctor seemed more concerned than I thought she would about the results of the ultrasound and Grayson’s size. I guess the 15th percentile is pretty little, especially for an almost full-term baby. But, she was happy because I was meausring 2 cm. larger than I had 2 weeks ago. She told me to count his kicks twice a day and call her if I didn’t feel 10 in 2 hours each time. So far he’s passed with flying colors- we reach 10 in about 30 minutes- hooray! Oh, and since I posted about not feeling hiccups, he’s had hiccups 3 times-ha! Anyway, the most unnerving thing is the comments I get from strangers- this weekend I had quite a few clients at work ask how far along I was and I could see the surprise in their faces when I told them I only have 4 weeks to go. A lot of people have told me how lucky I am to be so small, and I guess in some ways I am, but I don’t feel that way.

The other thing I mentioned was Ryan’s knee. Apparently his body is not growing cartilage and scar tissue like it should and so he just has an open hole in his knee where he had surgery last fall. So the doctor wants to go in and remove some existing cartilage, harvest it for a few weeks to grow more, and then put it in his knee. There’s my non-medical understanding of the situation. We were going to do the first surgery over Thanksgiving and the second over Christmas, but financially and because we’ll have a brand new infant, we just don’t think it’s going to be possible. So in the meantime to help the pain, a few weeks ago he had a shot of some kind of gel in his knee. I’m not sure how well it’s working- he still seems like he’s in a lot of pain. And this in the middle of football season- ugh, not good.

So at 3 AM all this seemed very overwhelming. But actually typing it all out helps- and yes, things could be a LOT worse. I have a friend who just found out a family member has cancer, a family member of my own whose dog has a health problem MUCH more serious than a little diarrhea, and then there are the countless babies born who are really sick or really tiny. So I’m trying to keep perspective on these things and thank God for all the blessings I do have.

“…give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Growth Ultrasound

This is his face- look sideways
Today was my ultrasound to make sure little G is growing like he should. Turns out my doctor was right- he is totally fine, but just little. He is as big as a 33 week baby, and I’ll be 36 weeks tomorrow. According to their fancy computer, he weighs in at a whopping 5 pounds, 1 ounce, which is the 15th percentile. The doctor that evaluated the pictures and measurements (not my doctor- this was done at the hospital) said he is totally normal, just on the small side of normal. She also said that if he stays in there a few more weeks (let’s hope so!) he could gain up to 1/2 a week, which I guess gives him a potential 2 more pounds.
We didn’t get great pictures, mostly because he had his hands up by his face almost the whole time. Plus I was so spoiled by having a 3D ultrasound at 30 weeks that the black and white grainy ultrasound pictures all look fuzzy to me.
So all in all, I am relieved, but also thinking 5 pounds is TINY. Izzy is almost 10 pounds and she is a tiny little thing- I can’t believe my baby is half her weight. Yikes. I just hope he’s a good eater and can pack on the pounds once he arrives!

3D Ultrasound- so much clearer and so sweet

35 Weeks

I borrowed this list from a few blogs I’ve discovered and have enjoyed reading. I wish I had done this every month, but a lot of it has stayed the same, so …oh well!

How Far Along: 35 Weeks, 4 Days. 31 days till I’m due! I can’t believe it’s a month (or less) away! I am really trying hard to get the house in order and kept clean, but it’s hard. I get really tired really fast and I’m so uncomfortable most of the time it’s easier just to stay put on the couch.

How Big is the Baby: Well, according to my weekly email, Grayson should weigh about 5.25 pounds at this point and be about the size of a cantaloupe. I’d like to meet whoever came up with the food comparisons- week 22 was a spaghetti squash-huh? However, we’re not sure how big he is right now. At my last doctor appointment, my doctor was concerned that I’m measuring small (in her words, I’m “tiny”- ha ha, that makes me laugh since that’s the LAST word I would use to describe myself right now). So, Wednesday afternoon I am going for an ultrasound at the hospital to measure his growth. She wasn’t overly concerned and neither am I- he moves like crazy all the time and the heart looked great on her machine. He just might be a little peanut, and that’s ok. We’ll still take him.

Total Weight Gain: Not sure- I think about 20 or 25 pounds. I can’t remember. Whatever it is, I hope it comes off quickly!

Maternity Clothes: I love maternity clothes! They are so easy and comfy. I’m not going to like going back to zippers and buttons. Most of my regular t-shirts still fit, which is good because that’s my work “uniform”. Ryan will be glad when I can go back to regular pjs, since I was too cheap to buy maternity ones when his boxers work just fine!

Stretch Marks: Not yet!

Sleep: I am sleeping ok, other than having to get up about twice a night to go to the bathroom. I can’t live without my maternity body pillow and 2-3 cat naps a day though.

Movement: My FAVORITE thing about pregnancy- it’s just amazing. I love watching my belly shift and move as he dances in there. So far I haven’t experienced any real painful kicks or jabbing my ribs that everyone talks about. And he hasn’t had the hiccups either. I kind of want him to get the hiccups, just so I can see what the fuss is all about.

Food Cravings: Probably the most annoying thing about pregnancy for me (other than the 4 weeks I threw up every day). I don’t crave anything specific, I am just STARVING all the time. I feel like all I do is eat, which makes it annoying when people tell me how small I am and that I need to eat more to feed the baby. I’ve tried to eat relatively healthy, but Mexican food and pizza always taste SO good! I eat a bag of popcorn almost every morning to curb hunger,  I cheat several times a week and have a diet coke or tea- I’m human.

What I Miss: The biggest thing is definitely sleeping on my stomach. And I don’t drink much at all, but a glass of wine or margarita sounds SO good right now. I also miss feeling somewhat in shape. I’m hoping to get back to excercising regularly in a few months.

What Iā€™m Looking Forward To: Meeting this little guy- what else?!

So I guess that’s it for now…off to find something to eat!

Fur Babies

Ryan and I have 4 dogs, and at the risk of sounding crazy, they truly are our babies. Everyone says, “Just wait until that baby comes- those dogs will be dogs again.” That makes me sad. However, I’m not one of those people who treats their dogs like they are human- they don’t wear clothes, they eat dog food, etc. They are, however, a huge priority and caring for them takes a lot of time. Time I’m not sure I’ll have in a few weeks. So when Grayson arrives, yes, there will be some adjustment. I just hope they continue to know they are loved and are an important part of our family.

Here’s a little bit about each of them…

Sweet Gabby after a haircut
Gabby- I’ve had Gabby the longest of all of them- I adopted her in March 2006 to be a playmate for my westie Pippi, who we lost Christmas Day 2007 (she got under the fence and we never found her- devastating). Gabby’s a cute little blonde lhasa apso with a pretty quirky personality. She sometimes wants to cuddle and be petted, but usually for just a few minutes- then she’s done. Most often she just likes to be near us- not touching us. When I adopted Gabby she had chronic dry eye that progressively got worse and worse over 2 years. We had her eye removed in August 2008 and it was the best decision. No more cleaning gunk from her eye and no more 3 times a day eye drops! And personally I think her one eye just makes her that much cuter! When Grayson comes, I think Gabby will just ignore him for the most part- until he’s mobile and wants to pull on her poofy tail.
This picture pretty much says it all!
Izzy- Oh, Izzy. Izzy is the most frustrating, demanding, stubborn, incorrigable little being- but I am so completely head over heels in love with her it’s ridiculous. Every time I see her she makes me smile- first of all she is SO cute (see photo evidence), but she also has the spunkiest, sweetest little personality to balance out her not so lovable traits. Izzy demands attention- if you are not completely focused on her or letting her sleep on your feet or stomach (under the covers always)- she’s not happy and she lets you know it with her high pitched, annoying chirp. When Ryan and I got married, we decided no dogs in the bed with us. Well, guess who is the ONLY dog in our bed now? It took her a few months, but Izzy campaigned loud enough all night long every night that she now has her spot under the covers between her mommy and daddy at night. Sigh. Izzy is obviously the one I’m most worried about with Grayson-I can see her being very jealous of all the attention and time he’ll get (and she won’t). She won’t do anything to hurt him- I just think she’ll crank up her annoyingness a few notches- great.
Hank- Hank is our loud, lovable goofball. Most people who meet Hank think he’s just a cool dog- and he is. Before we got Hank, Ryan always mentioned he wanted to get a bloodhound someday and name him Hank. Well, when we lost Pippi, for weeks I spent hours online posting ads on sites hoping someone would find her and contact us. I spent a lot of time on and just happend to look up bloodhounds. There was his picture- and his name was Hank. It was fate. I forwarded the link to Ryan, mostly as a joke- as in, ha ha, I found your dog. Well, 2 or 3 days later we brought him home. Hank had been in an animal sanctuary for 7 months in an outdoor, uncovered kennel. He was skinny and starved for attention. We instantly fell in love with him. Hank loves people and most dogs, and he loves to run and play. Thanks to my job at Waggin’ Tails, he gets to run and play for hours most days, which is one of the biggest blessings in our lives. The fact that Hank could have been trained as a police search and rescue dog doing “serious” work just makes me laugh- like I said, he is just a goof. He spends most of his time at home inside, either sleeping or decorating our walls with his slobber. I can’t wait to see what kind of relationship Hank and Grayson will develop- I think they will be so cute together. And Hank is excited to have another dude in the house!
Chloe loves to be comfortable!
Chloe- Chloe is our little angel dog. When we lost Pippi, we got a call from a friend saying there was a little white dog wandering on their street. Knowing it was a long-shot, we went to see if it was Pippi anyway. No, but it was a sweet little Westie who immediately came to me and crawled in my lap wanting to be loved. I couldn’t NOT take her home- and she’s been with us ever since. Chloe is SO sweet and is the best behaved of the 4- she listens and obeys anything we ask her to do or stop doing. You can just look in her eyes and tell she wants to please you. I often wonder where she came from- if she had a loving family who wonders about her like I wonder about Pippi. Sometimes though I think God sent her to me to help heal the pain of losing my first little Westie. Although she is so precious and sweet, I do worry about Chloe. She doesn’t like people in her face and has snapped several times (Ryan has a scar on his lip from when he got too close- poor guy was just sweet talking her, but she didn’t like that too much!) So she’s the one I think I’ll have to keep a close eye on with Grayson, especially when he gets old enough  to get in her face.
So that’s the story of my babies- if anyone has any advice for me on how to make their (and my) transition easier for when the human baby arrives, please let me know! I know it’s going to be a challenge, but they are here to stay and we WILL make it work!