Growth Ultrasound

This is his face- look sideways
Today was my ultrasound to make sure little G is growing like he should. Turns out my doctor was right- he is totally fine, but just little. He is as big as a 33 week baby, and I’ll be 36 weeks tomorrow. According to their fancy computer, he weighs in at a whopping 5 pounds, 1 ounce, which is the 15th percentile. The doctor that evaluated the pictures and measurements (not my doctor- this was done at the hospital) said he is totally normal, just on the small side of normal. She also said that if he stays in there a few more weeks (let’s hope so!) he could gain up to 1/2 a week, which I guess gives him a potential 2 more pounds.
We didn’t get great pictures, mostly because he had his hands up by his face almost the whole time. Plus I was so spoiled by having a 3D ultrasound at 30 weeks that the black and white grainy ultrasound pictures all look fuzzy to me.
So all in all, I am relieved, but also thinking 5 pounds is TINY. Izzy is almost 10 pounds and she is a tiny little thing- I can’t believe my baby is half her weight. Yikes. I just hope he’s a good eater and can pack on the pounds once he arrives!

3D Ultrasound- so much clearer and so sweet

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