Wordless Wednesday: Cousin Christmas PJ Party

Is there anything cuter than little ones in matching Christmas jammies? The correct answer is no. My mom (Grammie) bought these for Grayson, Charlotte and Theo and I couldn’t love them more. Hannah and I had planned a little PJ/Christmas cookie “party” Saturday, but the PJs hadn’t arrived as of Saturday morning. So I, taking the new attitude of not freaking out when things don’t go exactly to plan (which you know is the story of my life, sigh), dressed the kids in regular jammies and loaded them in the car. I checked the mail one last time on the way out of the neighborhood and they had a arrived! Hannah and I declared it a Christmas Miracle and did a quick jammie-change.
So our little “party” consisted of eating cookies, keeping Grayson calm and content with his Veggie Tales, and keeping Charlotte from absolutely destroying their house or maiming her brother and cousin. By the way, her new nickname is Charnado- it’s very appropriate and I think it’s going to stick!


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Cousin Christmas PJ Party

  1. Oh that is some serious cuteness all at one party! The jammies are adorable and each cousin is just precious. I am cracking up at C new nickname….love it!

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