Weekend Recap and October Goals

Last night’s Beads of Courage event was incredible. I’ve been replaying the night in my mind all day- all the inspiring conversations I had, the people I met, and the encouraging feedback I got from telling Grayson’s story. Grayson was a rock star the entire night, totally rising to the occasion and being completely charming even as he was out way past his bedtime.

I will do a post on the night complete with pictures,video and my thoughts on the experience sometime this week, but until then, here’s a photo my friend took early in the night. Love.

As September comes to an end, I’m hoping that life will somewhat slow down for awhile and I can catch my breath. My goal for October is to get stuff organized. And by stuff, I mean the piles, and piles, and piles and piles of clothes that are slowly closing in around us threatening to suffocate us in our sleep. It always amazes me that for a person who never has a thing to wear (seriously), I have clothing covering every inch of my bedroom and always have 37 loads of dirty laundry waiting to be washed. Sigh. And then there’s kid clothes- the clothes that have been outgrown, the ones that currently fit, and the boxes and boxes of hand-me-downs from generous friends that are waiting to be worn. Thankfully, I have a newborn nephew and a friend with a baby girl on the way that I can happily pass G and C’s outgrown clothes on to.

So now is the point where as a self proclaimed Open Book, I should show you a picture of the disaster that is our clothing situation. But that would just be too embarrassing.

So instead I’ll show you a picture that made my heart explode with happiness when it was texted to me this morning. This is Grayson, in Sunday School. Three-Year-Old Sunday School, not the baby nursery. Love.

Anyway, back to Organization October. We (knock on wood) close on our new house at the end of the month, and I am determined to simplify, simplify, simplify when we move in. I feel like we need a life makeover in three main areas: stuff (cut the clutter), finances, and food (cooking, smart grocery shopping, etc). Hopefully, I can be disciplined this month to do some planning in these areas- because if I can’t even make a plan, I won’t have much hope in actually carrying one out.

In other oh-so-exciting news, ummm…my daughter is equally amazing, amusing, and freaking me out. As I undressed her for her bath tonight, I counted 3 bruises and 2 scratches on her face- all from today. I know in the world of mobile children this is totally normal, but geez. Charlotte is crawling and pulling up on everything now, and somehow her face is getting banged up in the process. And this afternoon, I leave the room for 2 minutes to take a phone call when I hear hysterical crying from Grayson. I walk in, he’s crying and vomiting, and Charlotte is on top of him, trying to make him feel better by poking him in the eye. Thanks kid.

I don’t have any pictures of her banged up face, but here’s a cute one from before music class on Saturday morning. Oh, the music class where she proceeded to crawl in the lap of all the dads in the room, one by one. She had zero interest in the moms, not even her own. Hmmm.

That’s all I got tonight. We just finished watching the Breaking Bad finale, which is kind of hilarious because this is only the second episode I’ve ever seen, the first one being the series premier. I guess it’s the television equivalent of reading the first chapter of a book then skipping to the last chapter to see how it ends.

OH! With the excitement of Beads of Courage I totally forgot to figure out who won my book giveaway from last week. So I just did the random # generator and my amazing friend Kristi is the winner! I can’t tell you how THRILLED I am that she will be reading this book, because there is no mention of B-12, the methylation cycle, Mito, autism…etc, etc, etc. Kristi spends a huge chunk of her life researching and advocating for families’ health, and she deserves a break and some fun reading material. Yay!

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and October Goals

  1. Hi. My husband and I were at the Beads of Courage events last night. We both loved your words. Any chance you would post your speech? We have a daughter that was born with Down syndrome and have read/heard the Welcome to Holland poem many times, but we loved how you thanked different groups for including Grayson and integrated the poem in your thanks. It was just perfect.

  2. Oh the bruises, mine are always banged up on their legs, totally part of a mobile childhood but no less scary for mom to see. Sounds like a great weekend, good plan to simplify before you move, and being in your new home will help you get organized too! It's a constant stream of rotating clothes over here. Great picture of you and G from the big event, it was a lovely night and your speech was perfect!!!!!

  3. Thank you SO much for coming Saturday night and for your kind words. I am planning on posting my speech later this week. I can email it to you as well if you'd like.

  4. I'm swooning over Grayson in a bowtie!!! That is way too cute. Poor Paisley is always so beat up on her legs that I worry DHS will be calling anyday now. 🙂

  5. lol. What a sweet baby girl… poking her brother in the eye aside, she was still reaching out to help and comfort him. 😉 Good luck with getting organized! And if you figure out how to do it, please post a detailed tutorial because I need help! Can't wait to read more about the big beads event!

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