Book Review and Giveaway!

So, my sister-in-law wrote a book- an actual, published book- and I’m kind of in awe.

Kasey is one of those people to whom things just happen: strange, hilarious, and sometimes embarrassing things. And Kasey is also a natural storyteller.

Crazy, sometimes unbelievable true stories + natural storytelling ability= Hilarious, fun read.

What Lurks at the Bottom of My Panty Drawer: Lesson’s I’ve Learned from Kiddos, Critters and Coochies (yes you read that right) by Kasey Brooks, is a collection of 70 true stories from her life. Written specifically for stressed, overcommitted women, each story is meant to be a quick “happy pill”. The stories are short, funny and each offer a “life lesson” at the end.

My personal favorites in the book are the account of her DISASTROUS first wedding and honeymoon, the story of the prayer request her grandmother voiced regarding Kasey’s upcoming delivery of her daughter, and the chapter titled  Umm…I Think You’ve Seen My Vagina. Intrigued yet? Oh, and I’m indirectly in the book, in a story about some forgotten items from my bachelorette party left in Kasey’s car. And then her car broke down. Oops.

You can order the book on Amazon in paperback or the Kindle version here.  Also, Kasey has a facebook page- head over and Like it here. And I’m giving away an autographed copy of the book- leave a comment on this post or on facebook and like usual, I’ll number the comments and use a random number generator to pick a winner on Friday.

If you are local, Kasey is having a book signing/book reading next Thursday at 6:30 in Houston- details on her facebook page. Bring a friend for a fun evening out- I know Kasey would love for you to join her!

Kasey, I love, LOVE the book, am so proud of your accomplishments, and feel so lucky to have a personal connection to your crazy life!


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