Sick of Being Sick!

The stomach bug has being having a party at our house since Thursday, and the party needs to END. NOW.

Thursday morning I noticed Grayson acting a little different right before we left for school. He was kind of fussy and was rubbing his eyes. Then in the car, he fell asleep, something he hasn’t done (on the way to school) in quite a while. Hmmm. I mentioned this to his teacher and told her to call me if she needed to.

I was getting my hair cut later that morning when I got the call. Grayson had been crying all morning and just wasn’t himself. Ok, I’ll come get him. As soon as I saw him, sobbing in his teacher’s arms, I knew we were headed to the ER. My Mommy Instinct was screaming, and just looking at him, I knew he was sick.

Miserable ER selfie

Thankfully, at our hospital, they know when Grayson comes in sick he needs IV fluids started right away. It’s so nice not to have to sit in the waiting room or try to convince skeptical nurses and doctors that my kid is in fact, sick enough to be in the ER. G was admitted several hours later and spent Thursday-Sunday in the hospital. He never ran fever, but was vomiting and was obviously miserable. His Mito doctor ordered an MRI of his brain, and I begged the GI team to change his feeding button while he was under anesthesia; we always have to do button changes as an “emergency” when it comes out, so this time it was nice just to have it done while he was already in the hospital.

Feeling crummy 😦

 We had to cancel G’s birthday party Saturday, but thankfully he was able to come home Sunday night, and spend a few hours of his actual birthday at home. He was super happy about this- sweet boy.

Hospital Bed-Head Birthday Boy so happy to be home

Meanwhile, Charlotte started showing signs of the bug at home. She was throwing up, acting clingy, fussy and just not her happy-go-lucky self. Sweet girl has been taking longer naps than usual (except for today- NONE-oy) and having a hard time going and staying asleep at night. Thank goodness, the vomiting seems to be over and hopefully she’s about back to normal. I think having me away so much at the hospital threw her off and maybe that’s a reason for her fussy/clingy-ness the past few days.

Precious sick girl napping on a walk

Sunday, my mom called me at the hospital because she wasn’t feeling too well. I came home so she could go to bed- another one down.

Sunday night, I was exhausted and disappointed how the weekend turned out, but thankful that at least I wasn’t sick. Uh…not so fast. I woke up Monday morning SICK. I spent the day throwing up and on the couch- awful. Today I’m feeling much better, but Ryan stayed home from work today with the bug, and is still down for the count.

Good grief, this has been a challenging week. Grayson is back at school, and Charlotte and I were able to get out a little bit today. We aren’t pushing it though- we need everyone well for this weekend- Beads of Courage!


8 thoughts on “Sick of Being Sick!

  1. Oy!!!! So miserable that it hit the whole house! So so sorry. I hope everyone is on the upswing and stays healthy for the rest of the fall/winter season!!!

  2. So sorry y'all are sick! Hope you are all better soon! Different note-one of my friend's cousin's babies (5mo) was just diagnosed with Leigh Syndrome, and I'm sending them your blog address. Lots of love to y'all!

  3. Oh yuk! Well at least it has done its sweep. Maybe all will be well for this weekend. Air out the house and clean the bathroom, Always makes me feel like I might win the battle. Plus it makes the house smell nice! Hope your week gets better!. Take it easy.

  4. Oh man, that seems totally unfair for a virus to wipe out the whole family like that… especially on Grayson's birthday week!!! Glad he got out for his bday evening…

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