THREE! Happy Birthday Grayson!

Dear Grayson,

Happy Birthday to my precious son, my sweet Grayson Robert!

Grayson, three years ago, you took me by surprise by being born a few weeks early, and since that day, have continued to take me by surprise. Life with you is never boring!

Your life has taught me so many things, but especially to consider what’s truly important, and to just roll with whatever life throws at us.

We were supposed to have a party for you yesterday, a music party with all your friends and family. Unfortunately, you got sick on Thursday and have been in the hospital since then. Fortunately, you are feeling much better now and the doctors expect that we’ll get to go home today.

You don’t know a life without pain, without seizures and vomiting, without needle pokes, tubes, and beeping pumps. But you also don’t know a life without love, hugs and kisses, and thousands and thousands of prayers. Your life is precious, and there never was a more loved and adored little boy.

At THREE, your favorites include: Veggie Tales music (especially VT worship, Bob and Larry Sing the 80’s, and VT Toddler Tunes), swinging, your music table (playing with it upside down), Mommy, Daddy, and Grammie singing to you, and going to school (you love your teachers and music therapy). You weigh 29 pounds and are in size 3T-4T clothes.

You won’t blow out a candle today, have a slice of birthday cake, and you won’t unwrap any of your own presents. But we will celebrate you. We will sing Happy Birthday, hug you tight, and thank God that you are here. Every birthday you are here with us is a gift to all who know and love you.

Happy Birthday to my hero- I love you sweet boy.



12 thoughts on “THREE! Happy Birthday Grayson!

  1. Happy birthday Grayson! I'm sorry you were feeling sick on your birthday. That is a huge bummer. And I'm sorry you missed out on your party. That must have been a BIG disappointment. But I'm glad you're feeling better. Three years old is pretty big!

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet little man!!! I am so sorry to hear that you guys weren't able to be home to celebrate his special day. I hope that you can reschedule his party and be surrounded by all of the people who love you all so much!!!xoxo.

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