Bead Inspired

Saturday night was the Bead Inspired event for Beads of Courage. And inspired we were. Despite heavy rain throughout the evening (at an outdoor event), many, many people came out to support this organization and our family. I didn’t take many pictures personally, but there was a photographer at the event and I will share pictures when I see them!

Grayson, looking so handsome in his bow-tie and cap, proudly displayed his beads on his chair. I said it in my last post, but he did SO WELL the entire night, even giving high fives at the beginning of the event. I’m so, so proud of this guy- my hero.

I had the amazing opportunity to share Grayson’s story at the event, and this truly was one of the most special moments of my life. The video below is my speech; unfortunately, at the end, some of my “thank you s” didn’t get recorded. To read my speech in it’s entirety, click here. Also, as you watch, notice Grayson grabbing his Daddy’s hand- so sweet.

After my speech, bead artist Diane Woodall presented Grayson with unique, handmade beads that she made especially for him. What an awesome gift for our little boy- we will surely treasure them forever.

Have you ever seen anything more precious? 

Grayson was also given this Tiger bead from Team Beads of Courage that has been carried in several marathons, as well as a second Bob and Larry from another bead artist. Such cool additions to his strand of beads!

I was given this beautiful handmade necklace, with stamped charms reading Bead Strong, Inspire, Love Life, and Make Every Moment Matter. It’s easy to say these things, and to say I try to do them every day, but the daily struggle of living with and caring for a sick child is difficult and frustrating at times. However, thanks in part to Beads of Courage, I am committed to being strong for Grayson. I want to inspire other families traveling similar difficult journeys, to remember I have a GREAT life that I love despite the difficulties and heartache. I also want to strive to make each and every moment count, because we don’t know how many we will have with our little boy.

Thank you again to my friends, family, and all those who came Saturday night. Thank you especially to Beads of Courage, and to Christy and Debbie for choosing Grayson and for the incredible amount of work you put in to make this night so special. It is such an honor to be involved in something so much bigger than myself.

Grayson loved his big night, but was definitely ready for bed by the end!


6 thoughts on “Bead Inspired

  1. What an amazing speech. I'm blown away at how well-spoken you are, especially during such a complicated situation. It is incredible to watch your family together and see Grayson's obvious love for his dad. And those beads are sooo awesome!

  2. Nope, I have not seen anything more precious, well perhaps G in his cap and bow tie, but it would be a close tie. :o) It was a great night and your speech was perfection, you did a wonderful job, so so proud of you! xoxoxo-

  3. What an incredible night. I'm so proud of both of you. I know I should say more, I WANT to say more, but my mind is mush so please just know that this post really touched me, your family really touches me, in ways I can explain.

  4. What an incredibly special night! Those veggie tales beads are fantastic, and so thoughtful. Grayson looked handsome as always. I'm sure it's so wonderful finding such support from others who understand.

  5. Oh my, making me cry! What a beautiful evening! You did such an amazing job on your speech!!! I love how he holds his daddy's hand… but the thing that really made my heart melt was the picture of you and Grayson… look at how he is looking at you! That little boy ADORES you! That is perhaps my most favorite picture you've ever posted…. it speaks so loudly of love and adoration. So handsome in his bow tie and cute little hat!

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