The Monday Snapshot: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go an Astros game with other families in Houston affected by Mitochondrial Disease. One of Ryan’s dreams is to take his son to a major league baseball game, so I jumped at the chance for us to go. Honestly, I was nervous. Grayson usually does not do well at all out of his comfort zone, the game was during naptime, and I was worried that the noise of the stadium would be too much for him.

Family pic before the game started

He did great! We took him in his medical stroller (wheelchair) and he was definitely more comfortable than had we brought him in a regular stroller. Of course, we had Veggie Tales playing on his ipad the whole time, which kept him calm and happy. We had wheelchair seats with plenty of room and all-you-can-eat at the concession stand! We made it to the 6th inning before he got overstimulated and fussy, which was about 5.5 more innings than I thought we would last!

Grayson and Daddy (G looks like such a little boy in this picture)

I’m so glad we decided to go to the game as a family. I have such great childhood memories of seeing the Astros play, and it was fun to take my own children to a game (even though handling both of them took up every second we were there, and I probably saw a total of 5 minutes of baseball).

Charlotte had a great time being Miss Social

I am so proud of Grayson- he impressed me!

NOT impressed with the Astros 🙂

Daddy and Charlotte

6 thoughts on “The Monday Snapshot: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

  1. Awesome!!! I am so happy you had a great family day and that the game was fun. G looks so grown up and his chair looks like a great way to travel!!!! Great pictures and memories!

  2. That's great! I know we plan so many times for a big-deal activity and toddler shenanigans make it impossible, and I can imagine that you have many more what-ifs and complications involved in your plans. I'm so glad it turned out better than expected 🙂

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