So What Wednesday: First Day of School Edition

  • So what if I use my daughter as my alarm clock on the days we have our night nurse for Grayson, and she decided to sleep in this morning, so I waaaay overslept
  • So what if I had nothing organized and ready for this morning when I woke up less than an hour before we had to leave
  • So what if I didn’t go on Pinterest one time or do any crafty back to school thing. Not one.
  • So what if my kid didn’t get a haircut or any new clothes for the start of the school year. He’s still pretty darn cute!
  • So what if I have to sing goofy songs to get him to smile- and even then, if he knows I’m taking a picture, I obviously don’t get the most enthusiastic of smiles.

  • So what if I was super happy to drop him off at school this morning (only 8 minutes late!)- seriously, mostly happy for him because he loves it, but happy for me too.
  • So what if I drove through Chick Fil A for breakfast. And again for lunch. And my husband is at the grocery store now, most likely picking up chicken for dinner
  • So what if Charlotte didn’t get a nap today because we were at my brother and SIL’s house this morning and my friend’s house this afternoon.
  • So what if that means she is so tired that she will probably sleep in again tomorrow
  • So what if I know that but probably still won’t set an alarm, and thus will be frazzled and rushed in the morning again.
  • So what if I think this is the sweetest little back-to-schooler ever (after a great first day with his sweet teacher Miss Kristina) 


6 thoughts on “So What Wednesday: First Day of School Edition

  1. You are cracking me up! Glad it was a good day all around, and arriving only 8 minutes late is rather impressive, fingers crossed your sweet little alarm sleeps in and you can have a so what Thursday too! G is adorable in his monkey shirt, perfect first day of school outfit to me!

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