Letters to Charlotte: 7 Months

Dear Charlotte,

I have a confession. I don’t want to write you this letter. I don’t want to write it because it means you aren’t 6 months anymore. And if I’ve realized anything the last 30 or so days it’s that I ADORE the age of 6 months. True story: We were stopped at a light on Saturday, just you and me in the car. I looked in the mirror and saw you with one hand on each foot, babbling to yourself, and I started to cry. You are absolute perfection right now- the perfect blend of sweetness, spunk, and curiosity. I want to freeze time.

I looked back on Grayson’s 7 month post, and it seems I had similar emotions when he was no longer 6 months. And in the same way I did with him, I rocked you a few extra minutes last night, your last time to drift off to sleep as a 6 month old.

If there’s a phrase I would use to describe you right now it’s enthusiastic participant. You are up for anything, and dive into each and every new experience with wonder and excitement. Music class? Sign me up! Shopping with Mommy while sitting up in a cart? Oooh,Yes! Tasting watermelon for the first time? Is there anything more delicious and perfect to bite into, with juice running down my chin? I just love watching you experience all these things for the first time. I love how you love life.

I just weighed you, and…holy growth spurt! You are 15 pounds 12 ounces, which puts you in the 28th percentile! It’s hard to believe just a few short months ago I was worried because you had fallen to the 3rd. You are in 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. You love all your toys, especially your stacking cups, Sophie the Giraffe, Grayson’s music table, and your dolly Piper. This week, we are taking your baby swing over to Aunt Hannah and Uncle David’s house; your cousin Theo is going to be born any day now and he needs that swing more than you do (more tears…and just like that, you don’t spend any time in a baby swing).

You nurse 5-6 times/day and drink about four 6 ounce bottles. You also eat 2-3 “meals” of solid food a day. Every day, you get more adept at picking food off your tray and manipulating it in your mouth. I’ve given you all sorts of foods to try and once again, you are gung ho and enthusiastic with everything. I’m become somewhat obsessed with taking pictures of you eating; in my opinion there’s just not much cuter than a baby covered in food!

Your big accomplishment this past month was of course learning to SIT! It’s amazing how much more independent and content you are to play with your toys with that skill. You also are now officially mobile- while not crawling just yet (you are thisclose), you scoot, and pivot and sometimes move your body to where you want to go with what seems like sheer willpower. I know babyproofing will be on the agenda for the next few weeks.

Oh my sweet, spunky girl. I may be sad to bid farewell to 6 months, but I can’t wait to see what month 7 has in store. I love you to the moon and back.



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