In My Dreams

When I dream about Grayson, my dreams are so vivid, so full of color, and so real. In them, Grayson is almost always free of disease and disability; he walks, he talks, and he’s into everything.

A few nights ago in my dream, he was pointing to and naming my eyes, nose and mouth. And then he gave me a hug. I so wanted it to be real.

In my dreams Grayson doesn’t have a tube, and his legs work. They don’t just allow him to walk, but they are also free from the horrible stiffness and pain that in real life we can’t eliminate for him.

I choose to see these dreams as gifts rather than dwell on them being illusions. Because someday, not this side of eternity, this boy will walk, and talk. He will be tube free, and pain free, and will hug me. Oh, and he will point out my nose.

Grayson is doing a sleep study tonight at the hospital. I am home with his little sister, and he is there with his nurse. I hope his dreams tonight are as sweet as mine.


10 thoughts on “In My Dreams

  1. Reminds me of the book Heaven is For Real. What a glorious place it will be for sure and a sweet sweet family reunion for you where everyone is healthy for eternity.

  2. You are a precious Mommy. I love your optimism and perspective in the midst of uncertainty most days. You are a great example of what it means to love your children unconditionally. I love to be encouraged by you as you walk this parenting journey. Heaven is a real place and it will be amazing to see Grayson one day, whole and vibrant! I hope you continue to have those beautiful dreams, a glimpse of heaven.

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