(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday: Avacado

After my post last week about how I am scared about starting solids with Charlotte, I had several friends encourage me just to take the plunge and do it. Plus I am slightly concerned about Charlotte’s weight right now, so I know any extra calories I can get in her will be a good thing.

This morning after I dropped Grayson off at school, we had a mid-morning free-for-all with an avocado. I chose avocado as her “first food” (minus the goat cheese she tasted Friday) because it’s so healthy and full of good fat amazingly delicious and in my opinion just about the best food ever. I hoped that Charlotte would agree.

I am planning on doing Baby Led Weaning; I have the book but haven’t read it yet- oops. But I know it’s all about offering the baby chunks of food instead of purees and letting them explore the textures and figure out food mostly on their own. So I kind of just cut up the avocado in pieces and let her go at it. She mostly played with and smeared the avocado everywhere, but the little she did get in her mouth (my mom helped her out a little) she really seemed to enjoy.

Hooray for food and messy mornings!

(I also had to go back and take a bittersweet look at my post on Grayson’s first food. Oh, my heart. Also, he had so much more hair at this age than Charlotte does!)


4 thoughts on “(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday: Avacado

  1. That's about what Stella looked like after her first food (also avocado!). 🙂 Make sure you're cutting the chunks to be about the size of your index finger for BLW. Babies that age can't use pincer grip, so they need to be able to palm the food and gum on whatever sticks up outside of the top of their hand!

  2. Precious!! Glad she enjoyed and more importantly glad she had fun. I'm guessing her next stop was the tub, love her messy legs!!!! 🙂 and of course I clicked back on G and the rice cereal, oh my so tiny and cute!

  3. What a cutie! Avocado was the first food we have Isa. She tried it herself and then promptly threw up everywhere. To this day she hates avocado. Such a shame.

  4. Another vote for avocade as first food 🙂 E loved (and still does) it! I just don't know how she can be old enough for food yet!!!

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