Our Weekend in Bullet Points and Pictures

It was a good weekend!

  • My lunch date had her first bite of real food on Friday: goat cheese from my salad. How hip and trendy of her, huh? She loved it!

  • Grayson has started a new medication. We are doing a 30 day trial to see if he is a “responder” and if we should continue it on a long term basis. I really am not sure how he should be responding to this medication, but he’s definitely responding. By random and spontaneous laughing. Weirdest (and most precious) side effect EVER. He laughed the entire way to school on Friday. When we got there, I captured a few seconds on video. I’m actually going to send this to his doctor and see what she thinks, but I am hoping it’s either my friend’s theory that it’s making him feel so good he has to laugh, or my SIL’s theory that it’s something supernatural. Anyway, could he be any cuter? I think not.

  • Friday morning, I signed up Charlotte for Mother’s Day out. She will go one day a week starting in the fall. She was such a big girl in her brother’s stroller getting the tour of the school!

  • I made my first Pinterest project on Saturday (gotta love fabric glue!)
  • Remember how I mentioned that Charlotte had become the world’s worst sleeper, waking up approximately 47 times per night? I think I may have solved the problem (oh please don’t let it be jinxed because I just typed that). Apparently she was not ready not to be swaddled. Friday night I swaddled her, she feel straight to sleep and only woke up twice. Last night, just once. Yipee! The fact that we took her swimming last night before bed may also have had something to do with her great sleeping- I think it wore her out!
  • Charlotte also went to the nursery at church for the first time this morning (gosh, I just realized this was a big weekend for her). She was so cute and summery I had to take a pic of her posing with Daddy before church.
  • I went “back to work” today. I love my job, and haven’t really worked for 5 months. Let me tell you, that job is a TON easier than my full time one! It was nice to have a few hours away doing something completely different than caring for babies.
  • I know I haven’t posted much about Grayson in this post…besides his bizarre laughing, there’s not much to report on him (that’s a GOOD thing). My sister is here and she snapped this picture of him Saturday morning-if his finger is in his mouth, you know he’s pleased about something. And obviously I did not style his hair, but I’m digging his little alfalfa sprout. Oh, how I love this little guy.

That was our weekend- how was yours?

7 thoughts on “Our Weekend in Bullet Points and Pictures

  1. The laughing…my heart just exploded!! He seems to relaxed– what a treat to see him SO HAPPY!And Little Miss Charlotte!! When did she get so big?!?!Great pics– love your babies. šŸ™‚

  2. Great pictures from the weekend, so glad it was a good one! C sure did have a great weekend, and hurray that swaddling again got everyone a bit more rest!!!

  3. Mmm…goat cheese. Delish!What a cute side effect of the med – it's a great laugh!!We swaddled Stella until 6+ months for sure. Every time we tried leaving an arm our or whatever she slept like shit, so back in the swaddle she went! šŸ™‚

  4. His laugh is so innocent and heartwarming!!! And nice job on the onesie. I have yet to attempt a pinterest project out of the certainty that it will be a failure!!!

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