Letters to Charlotte: 5 Months

Dear Charlotte,

Oh sweet baby girl, you are already 5 months old? How can that be? I can’t imagine or really remember life without you, but it still seems like yesterday that you were my tiny newborn.

Everywhere we go, people stop and tell me how beautiful you are with your sweet petite features, soft brown hair, and million dollar smile. And your spunky personality matches your prettiness; you love to interact with people more than anything.

You currently weigh 11 pounds 14 ounces and are 25 inches  long. You are still in 3 month clothes, although I am dying for you to fit into your 6 month size summer wardrobe. I just switched you to size 2 diapers this week, but only because we ran out of size 1s and I didn’t want to buy more. You are tiny but mighty!

You still nurse every 2-3 hours, and are currently refusing a bottle, which is tons of fun when Mommy wants or needs to leave you with someone else for a few hours! Your sleeping is horrendous right now (just keepin’ it real, girlfriend). You now sleep on your tummy, which is great, but when you wake up, you are MAD. I’m not ready to do any cry it out just yet, but I’m warning you, it’s coming if you don’t start sleeping at night!

You are curious, and are ready to be on the move! You already change positions and move yourself around quicker than I can keep up- I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of chasing in a few months!

So this is another new thing- sucking on your fingers. I really would prefer you would find your thumb instead, but hey, these days whatever makes you happy is good with me!

You can’t stand being in your (baby sized) bumbo and try to flip yourself out of it every time, but you like to sit in Grayson’s big bumbo and will happily sit and play with toys or just look around when you are in it. I guess you want to do what Grayson does; you love him so much and I love how each day you two seem to be forming a closer bond.

Happy, happy 5 months my precious girl. I can’t wait to see what this month is going to bring!



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