Letters to Nolan: 22 Months


Dear Nolan,

I honestly barely remember a time when you weren’t here, the littlest bookend of our family. I watched you this weekend, trying to keep up with the big kids, idolizing your cousin and sister. You wanted to do anything and everything they did, and the phrase “Me too” was on constant repeat from your mouth. Your babyhood is gone, and you are speeding towards two faster than I can believe. But we are both ready. I’m with you…big kid stuff is fun!


Nolan at 22 months you:

  • Weigh 27 pounds, 1 ounce
  • Wear size 18-24 month and 24 month clothes, size 6 shoes and size 5 diapers
  • Have 8 teeth, but constantly have your fists in your mouth, so I think some more are coming soon
  • Have started talking in 2 and 3 word sentences. “Me too” and “I don’t know” are your favorite
  • Have started saying (asking?) “potty” but we haven’t tried letting you go yet. I guess I need to break out the little potty soon since you are terrified of the real one. Sigh.
  • Are finally (mostly) sleeping through the night. Two times now you’ve slept a solid 12 hours straight- hooray!
  • Are really starting to enjoy books and being read to
  • Love the movie “Trolls” and point to the TV and say “Poppy, Poppy” when you want to watch it.
  • Show so much compassion for Grayson, and love to sit by him and try and make him laugh
  • Ask for Charlotte as soon as you wake up, and want to be with her every second of the day.


Nolan, I love you so much, and am loving watching you grow into a busy, funny little boy. Happy 22 months!




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