4th of July and Saying Goodbye

It’s been the best weekend, and I keep telling my kids they need to burn these memories into their brains, because this is the childhood I want them to remember. Charlotte, Nolan and I have been at my parents’ place in the country since Friday with my brother’s family. For the past 5 years, we’ve all lived in the same city, and our kids have grown up together, best of friends. That’s about to change in just a few short weeks, as my brother, sister in law (and one of my closest friends) and my kids’ cousins are moving across the country. I couldn’t be happier for this new chapter in their lives, but I am also so very sad that they won’t be able to meet for playdates or weekends in the country like we’ve been used to. I’m most sad for the kids, because they are so close, and I want them to stay close. The cousin relationship is so special (and fun!) and I don’t want them to lose that. I’m so glad we had this magical weekend to send them off to their new adventures.

We swam A LOT


The kids planted watermelon seeds that they cleaned and dried last fall:


They ate popsicles and played:



We built a fire and roasted marshmallows for s’mores



We had a water balloon fight
And had ice cream (and cocktails!) afterwards


We ate a lot of meals outside



And just enjoyed summertime






A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost 
Marion C. Garretty

One thought on “4th of July and Saying Goodbye

  1. They are just going to have to come to this beautiful oasis every summer, like we go to my uncles farm in St. Louis and have the best time with our cousins.

    I'm sad for you that they are leaving. My kids don't have first cousins and it makes me so sad, but we work hard to stay close to their second cousins and I'm so glad we have them. I hope summer visits will be possible for your family too.

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