Life Lately, According to my Phone

Every morning around 10 am, I have an urge to write in this space. I have ideas, sentences and paragraphs form in my brain and I want to get them out. And I promise myself that after the kids are in bed, I’ll sit and blog. But then I don’t. Parenting three is hard- it just is. I didn’t get one minute of a break today for 12 hours. It’s 7:36 pm, and I’m in bed- my body aches and my brain is done. But this blog is still so important to me, for me, and I want to capture what I can, when I can. And tonight that means a phone photo dump. So here they are- my favorites from 2016 so far. 

As you know, I struggle(d) a lot with having to supplement Nolan with formula. But you know what’s totally awesome that doesn’t happen with breastfeeding?This eye-lock while he’s bottle feeding. Love. 

And I have the best little helper with putting together these million-parts bottles

Putty is fun for everyone!

A rare moment when he’s on the floor, by himself, and not screaming. Gosh I love that baby


Poor kid has his parents’ body type- loooong torso and short legs. 

So this was Christmas morning, not 2016, but how sweet are these brothers? You would melt to see how they love each other. It’s kind of amazing to watch two non-verbal kids express joy with the other. 

And then there’s these two. 

These rings are Grayson’s very favorite thing- they are easy for him to hold and chew on. Apparently he’s not the only one who is a fan. 

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