Happy Easter!

It has been a really fun Easter “season” this year. The weather has been gorgeous in Houston the past few weeks, and Charlotte is at an age where we can really participate in things like egg hunts. I didn’t put any pressure on myself to go all out for Easter- I bought Charlotte a bucket at Hobby Lobby, didn’t buy any new church clothes for the kids, and didn’t even do the Easter Bunny this year- and that’s ok. The kids got plenty of Easter goodies at school, church and from grandparents. All in all, it’s been a wonderful week celebrating spring, family and friends, and the resurrection. 

Charlotte’s first egg hunt. She listened to instructions and then knew just what to do!

Big Bunny Party at church last weekend. The first hour was for special needs families- we had a blast!

Easter Bunny #2 at our neighborhood Easter party

Fun morning at the park on Good Friday. We went to a handicap accessible park so G could go on the play structure with his sister!

Family Easter at David and Hannah’s

Easter Sunday was wonderful! Church, naps, then dinner with family. 

Happy Easter everyone. He is Risen!

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