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One of my favorite blogs is The Thinking Mom’s Revolution. The women who write for this blog (and books too) are mostly parents of children with autism, but many of them face other medical challenges with their children, including Mitochondrial Disease. They are smart, they are blunt, and they are on a mission- to educate and support parents of children with disabilities, and to expose and tell the truth about what is happening to our children.

The TMR post that has had the biggest impact on me, and one that I’ve forwarded to many of my Christian friends questioning health decisions for their children, is this one. by Melanie Baldwin (Booty Kicker is her TMR name). Melanie has also written extensively about the challenges faced by special needs families trying to be involved in church: if you are involved in ministry, I highly recommend you read this, this, and this.

Melanie, who has a son with severe regressive autism,  has done so much for so many, while at the same time fighting her own health battles. She is currently fighting cancer for the third time, and needs help.

From TMR:

Text from fundraiser:

Thinking Mom Melanie Baldwin suffers spine, liver cancer after having beat breast and bone. Son suffers profound autism: please donate!

An amazing woman by the name of Melanie Hamilton Baldwin changed the face of autism and cancer culture by telling her story to thousands as “Booty Kicker” in the Thinking Moms’ Revolution’s book Autism Beyond the Spectrum. Having once beaten breast and bone (hip) cancer; she now suffers liver, spine, and bone cancer in her other hip. For anyone who knows Melanie, two words come to mind. “Faithful” and “Godly.” As she struggles to overcome her current issues, her severely affected son Luke, still requires 24/7 care and attention as he is self-injurious and quite ill, suffering the lingering effects of severe autism. Please consider donating generously to help her family care for Luke as she regains her health, and please help their family establish financial security that will help them thrive during her absence.

If you would like to donate to help Melanie’s family, please visit her fundraising page here.



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