Grayson is Four!

Dear Grayson,

Happy fourth birthday to my precious little boy! Even though you were at school most of the day,  you were on my mind and my heart every minute of today. Your sister and I sang “Happy Birthday” to you many, many times while we were still in our pajamas, and you tolerated the camera in your face as I tried for many minutes to get the perfect birthday shot. You obviously didn’t understand what all the fuss was about, but you did make me laugh with your silly expressions and bubble blowing.

We didn’t have a party for you this year (because parties really aren’t your thing) but we did have family over last night for singing and dinner, and I brought a treat for your classmates at school this afternoon. There has never been a time where I wished more that you could stuff your face with sugar. It does make my heart so happy, though, to see how much  your teachers and classmates love you. Your school is awesome.

I suppose it’s a little silly for me to still be writing you these letters since you will never read them, and I’m not sure what to write to you or about you that I haven’t already written a hundred times. And even though I know we won’t ever celebrate that precious day you came into the world in a traditional way, I hope and pray that we will be able to celebrate YOU for many, many more September 22s to come.

I love you, my Monster Man.



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