Feeding Tube Awareness: How It All Works

So evidently it’s Feeding Tube Awareness week again; I guess I haven’t been paying too close attention to the FTA Facebook page lately, because I only realized it was this week when one of my friends posted about it this morning. Oops.

I think I’ve posted enough about Grayson’s feeding tube that you know my general feeling about it- what a huge blessing it was when he got it and how it continues to be a blessing. I mean, my kid is alive in part because of his tube. Sure it’s annoying because he’s fed continuously, so he’s always attached to it, and sure I get sad and wistful when I see Charlotte enjoying all sorts of foods that Grayson will never taste, but overall, I love his tube.

I probably won’t be posting all week, because honestly, I think you and I would both get bored with seven feeding-tube-related posts. If you are interested in Grayson’s feeding tube story, my 2012 post can be found here and my 2013 post can be found here. But I did want to participate in Day 1, which challenges us to make a video.

These videos show the 2 main functions of Grayson’s feeding tube: feeding and giving medication. I tried to explain the parts of his tube/button and how we set up a feed, and how we give medication through the tube as clearly as possible. And this is real life people; I decided to do this about 20 minutes before getting Grayson ready for bed- I’m in lounge clothes and a ponytail, Charlotte is screeching in the background through most of the videos, and of course we have Veggie Tales playing. Also special thanks to Ryan for being a good sport and filming these oh-so-professional clips.

Enjoy, and please feel free to ask any questions you have about the tube!




3 thoughts on “Feeding Tube Awareness: How It All Works

  1. Love the videos!

    I'm going to be hearing phantom pump beeps tonight I'm sure .. we haven't used the pump in about 18 months but everytime I hear someone else's I hear phantom pump alarms in my sleep.

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