I Need A Little Sunshine

I’ll just say it. Life really, really sucks right now. I know it’s the season of thankfulness, and joy, and peace, blah, blah, blah, but honestly, I got nothing.

Our new house, which was supposed to give us some financial relief, has us drowning in debt already. Our inspector (if you can call him that) missed several major problems that are costing us thousands and thousands of dollars, which we don’t have.

Two weeks ago, we traded in my minivan for an older model so our car payment wouldn’t be so high. It was disappointing (I loved that minivan, a statement my 20 year old self would be horrified by), but it really was the best move, and my new van was fine. Fine until yesterday, when we were coming home from the ranch and a lady ran a red light, causing us to have a collision. We are fine (Charlotte actually slept through the entire wreck) and the van is drivable for now, but really?! Even though it’s drivable, Ryan says there’s thousands in damage, so who knows when we’ll get it back once it goes to the repair shop.

Grayson, while still stable, is throwing up a ton every day again, and today he had two seizures at school. We are having a consultation this week with an orthopedic surgeon about the possibility of the need for hip surgery, which is stressful. I really can’t complain about Charlotte, because she IS my sunshine and my joy, but dang, she’s feisty. I asked my friend today if it’s normal that she throws a huge fit every diaper and clothes change. Evidently it is, and I guess I just need to come to terms with the fact that we are racing rapidly towards the toddler years. Yikes.

So anyway, BAH HUMBUG. I definitely need some sunshine and happiness in my life right now- so thanks Josey for nominating me for the Sunshine Award (whatever that is- ha!). So instead of going on and on about my crappy life circumstances, here’s some answers to some random questions!

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  1. If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try? Can I be Olivia Pope for a day? I want her body, clothes, apartment, and confidence. Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly answering the question, but that’s what popped in my head.
  2. What do you like most about yourself? I think I’m a good friend. At least, I hope I am. I have the best friends ever, anyway, maybe I’m just really blessed.
  3. What’s the last thing you read? The last book I read was my SIL’s book (need Christmas gifts? It makes a great stocking stuffer!). I really should read more actual books, but I mostly read blogs on my phone.
  4. Do you believe in soul mates? NO. I believe God puts people in your life for a reason, but soul mates? Nah.
  5. If you could go back in time to warn yourself that something was going to happen, would you? Certain things, yes. I’d like to think that if I had certain information I would have made different choices, but who knows.
  6. What state/area of the world do you live in? Have you always lived there? Are you happy there? I’ve lived in Houston all my life except for college. Yes, I am happy here and am even more grateful that we live here now with Grayson because of the Med Center and excellent medical care.
  7. Do you enjoy giving gifts at Christmas/Hanukkah or do you avoid it at all costs? Christmas stresses me out so much. I am not a very good gift-giver and am very self conscious about choosing gifts for people. The last few years Christmas has been really hard, having a child who doesn’t play with toys and can’t “get into” Christmas. I think as Charlotte gets older, Christmas will (hopefully) become fun again.
  8. What country do you want to visit most & why? Here’s a “Confess your Unpopular Opinion” (especially for Josey, who I know loves to travel!): I don’t like traveling. I have zero desire to travel anywhere right now, especially another country. I have fond memories of trips I’ve taken, but I never get the “travel bug”. I think that’s weird, yes?
  9. What is your #1 goal for the next 5 years of your life? Get out of debt. The universe is conspiring against us on this one. Sigh.
  10. How did you find my blog? (if you remember) I’m assuming I found Josey when PAIL started. And then she sent Grayson the sweetest birthday gift last year right after his Leigh’s diagnosis- I can’t wait to get it back out and put it up in his new room!

I nominate Traci, Esperanza, Erin, Stefanie, thenelipotmommy, basebell6, Karen, Becky, allthesunforyou, and downonthefarm. And anyone else who wants to answer these riveting questions I came up with!

Here’s your questions! (Some of them are the same)

1. What aspect of  your life is most different than you had thought it would be/planned?
2. What is your favorite TV show?
3. Can you recommend a must-read blog?
4. How did you find my blog?
5. What do you like most about yourself?
6. What is your least favorite day of the week and why?
7. What about being a parent scares you the most?
8. What do you eat for breakfast?
9. Do you have an amazing must-have product that has changed your life?
10. What celebrity can you not stand?


5 thoughts on “I Need A Little Sunshine

  1. I totally get the needing sunshine. While December can be such a wonderful month, it also is stressful and busy and reminds me of the people whom I've lost. It just kinda feels empty with certain loved ones missing. And we all put SO much pressure to have a great month. Sorry about all the troubles you've had lately!!!

  2. Sorry I'm late commenting on this… Things have been a bit hectic. 😉 I'm so sorry that the house stuff is so hard. We are dealing with the same stuff at our house… Plumbing issues, doors that need to be fixed, etc. and of course we have no money for any of it. Houses can be such money suckers.

    I hope you get the sunshine you need soon. I hope we both do!

    And thanks for the nomination!!!}

  3. Oh man, I am so far behind on my blogging and reading! Sorry I'm so late with this. lol. We had the plague at our house for almost 3 weeks, then Thanksgiving, and boring other odd facts about how busy I've been, etc. I'm sorry that everything is falling apart for you right now! We had quite a bit of that this past summer, and hated it, and are still paying off all the repairs. Blergh. I hope you get your van back quickly!

  4. I'm so sorry about your house. That SUCKS. I can't even imagine, but I sort of can. Ha! We had to buy a whole new geothermal unit 2 years after buying our 5 year old house. When that $10,000 quote came in – I cried for days. I'm serious. Unexpected house costs are the worst, especially when money is tight (it was at the time for us).

    Thank you for the nomination! My “Elizabeths post” reminder keeps going off on my phone. I have not forgotten… I just need time at a real computer!

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