Sort-of Update

My lack of blogging for a week is brought to you by the plague. All four of us have or had been sick since last Friday.

Friday morning, my mom, Charlotte and I went to Grayson’s school for Thanksgiving lunch. Unfortunately, G had a seizure earlier in the morning before we got there and was either asleep or crying throughout the event. I then had to take him to get a hip x-ray in the med center (we are consulting with an orthopedist about the possibility of surgery), and he was still sound asleep until I put him on the x-ray table. Then he was about as happy to be woken up as you would expect.

By this time, I was really starting to feel awful (sore throat, sinus pressure) and Grayson was crying, tired and throwing up. Lovely. The next three days were miserable; I was sick, Charlotte was sick, and Grayson seemed really sick. Moms and kids should not be allowed to be sick at the same time- misery! Ryan was at the ranch getting our stuff that we have been storing, so he managed to avoid the germs for a few days, but came down with symptoms yesterday. Grayson actually got a fever of 102 Saturday, and we normally would take him to the ER for that, but I was feeling so awful and we knew from one of our Mito friends that the hospital was full and we would likely have to wait for hours for a room if he was admitted. Thankfully, we were able to get his fever down at home and managed his other symptoms pretty well.

I think we are finally getting past it, thank goodness. With Thanksgiving tomorrow with Ryan’s family and a weekend trip to the ranch planned for Friday, we don’t have time for any more germs!

In other news, the house is coming along. We got horrible news today that we need  new A/C and heating units (someone, please stop the bleeding!) but other than that, things are coming along. Our new carpet was installed Friday, so the house is dog-pee smell and stain free. We are almost finished painting, and Grayson’s bed was delivered today! I am so excited to start decorating his room- this move, and this house, is for him.

Well, I really did intend to make this post a little more interesting and post pictures, but it’s been a really, really long day- I was home with both kids all day long and am completely worn out. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!


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