The Monday Snapshot: Halloween Edition

I’ve never been a huge Halloween person- costume parties and trick-or-treating just aren’t my thing. Maybe it’s because I really don’t like candy. On Grayson’s first Halloween, he was only a month old and his costume was way too big, so we didn’t do anything. Two years ago, we had just gotten out of the hospital from a 10 day stay and came home with a feeding tube, so we didn’t do anything. Last year, I was pregnant, and was really struggling with having a child who can’t participate in traditional holiday activities, so again, we didn’t do anything.

It’s been really hard for me to embrace the excitement of this time of year- there are so many fun activities for kids- well, for kids who can walk, kids who can eat, and kids who can express their opinion about what they want to dress up as for Halloween. To say the least, it can be a little depressing when your kid can’t even sit up to have his picture taken with a pumpkin, much less go door to door asking for candy. The last few weeks, when anyone brought up Halloween, I’ve been mostly meh about the whole thing.

Then my mother in law made the kids’ costumes, and well, swoon. Halloween, I think I now dislike you a little less. Are these not the most precious duck and giraffe that you ever did see?

Yes, that is a syringe in C’s hand/mouth. And G, well obviously is VERY into this whole costume thing


Poor G is lucky he still has a face

Hey look! My kid! Participating in a kid activity!
Sweet cousins on the train

Over. It. (I promise he does still smile, just not when dressed as a giraffe, evidently)

So yeah, Halloween isn’t that bad.

Come Thursday, we still probably won’t do anything. My babies will be in bed asleep before trick-or-treating really gets going. But this year I will see picture after picture of adorable kids in their costumes and not feel as much sadness, and for that, I am grateful.

Happy Halloween!


5 thoughts on “The Monday Snapshot: Halloween Edition

  1. I am grateful too, grateful that this Halloween in happier for you and as always grateful for the healing that C provides. They are both adorable and I love love their costumes! Glad it was a fun carnival/party and a fun weekend!!!! Xoxo

  2. They look adorable in their costumes. And I hope the joys of Halloween happen for you as the years go on. It is my absolute favorite holiday because it's silly and fun!

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