The Monday Snapshot: 3 Rotten Pumpkins

The title of this post is referring to actual pumpkins, not the three munchkins pictured below, lest there was any confusion. Continue reading.

Yesterday, my sister in law Hannah and I had grand plans to take pumpkin pictures with the kids- a picturesque autumn memory we would treasure for years to come. I had heard there was a patch at a church close to their house, so we drove over there…no pumpkins in sight.

After a major meltdown (why do these things never work out for me?) we saw a sign directing us to another patch a few miles away. It was a fall festival/craft fair type thing that closed at 4:00 (it was now after 4:00) but we figured we could still crash the patch and take a few pictures.

We walk in, and see…3 pumpkins. Three. And not pretty pumpkins. Rotten pumpkins with holes in them. The woman running the festival was very apologetic- this patch has been an annual event for 20 years, and she ordered 15,000 POUNDS of pumpkins. But they sold out by 2:00. And these three rotten pumpkins were all that was left for our pumpkin patch picture taking. Sigh.

But alas, we made do. And if I do say so myself, we got some cute shots of our little pumpkins- definitely the cutest pumpkins in the patch.

I could not love these cousins more

The best sibling shot we got. Charlotte did not like the way the hay felt on her legs, which made her stay put. Score!

Handsome dude. He loves being outside

Theo: Mr. Serious(ly cute)
The beautiful people. Can you believe that girl had a baby 7 weeks ago?
We are so glad Daddy met us from work- we have so few family pics!
Last evening, I got this text from Hannah. Love her.

6 thoughts on “The Monday Snapshot: 3 Rotten Pumpkins

  1. I can't stop laughing!!!! That is too funny, but good news, the three cuties shine so bright I barely even noticed the pumpkins!!!!! Love C in her pumpkin dress and G is too cute

  2. Those pumpkins actually look great! You hid the rotten spots well! ;). Beautiful photos and a great (funny) memory you will definitely cherish for years to come!

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