Charlotte’s Nursery (for now)

We have a contract on a house! I can hardly believe it, but our offer was accepted and fingers crossed, if all goes well, we’ll close next month.

So…she will probably have a brand new (PINK!) room sooner than later, but here’s some pictures of Charlotte’s completed temporary nursery.

There are a lot of brand new pieces in her room, but I also loved that I got to break open my “girl box” of treasures I’ve been collecting for years to use in a little girl’s nursery some day.



5 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Nursery (for now)

  1. Wow, Charlotte's nursery is GORGEOUS! I'm seriously embarrassed for my poor son now. His room will look NOTHING like that. In fact, it will barely look like a bedroom. Oh well, I'm doing my best. I'm just not as good at decorating as you are. 😉

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