A Year Later

9/11/2001: I was a senior in college, and had just gotten out of bed and was in the process of washing my face. My best friend rushed into the bathroom, yelling urgently that America was under attack. She turned the faucet off even though my face was still covered with soap. I was confused, disoriented and couldn’t see clearly. And most of all completely caught off guard.

9/11/2012: Last year on this date, I was also confused, disoriented and couldn’t see clearly. And most of all completely caught off guard. What I believed was going to be a routine doctors appointment turned out to be D(iagnosis)-Day.

It truly does not feel as though twelve months have passed knowing and living with Grayson’s diagnosis of Leighs. Last year, I wrote this post and was overwhelmed with the support I received from my online as well as my in-real-life community. Your comments, emails and prayers made such a difference in those first few dark days.

A year later, I can honestly say I am doing really well. I’ve made a conscious effort to make and maintain strong friendships with people who “get it”, and if they don’t get it, they listen and just let me vent. I’ve consistently gone to counseling, gotten medical help when I needed it, and in general I think I’m dealing appropriately and healthily with feelings of anger, fear and sadness.

Oh, and I had a baby. A baby whose life has healed me in so many ways.

I know there are dark days ahead. This journey has been, is, and will continue to be full of unexpected twists and turns. But every day we have with Grayson is a gift, and I am so blessed to be able to spend these days with my sweet boy.

And as always, thank you to those who continue to walk beside us and support and pray for our family and Grayson.


3 thoughts on “A Year Later

  1. Much like 9/11/01, I recall 9/11/12 clearly. Wow, a year has passed already, amazing. It's been a year of some answers, some steps forward, some back, but lots of love…always lots of love. Xoxo-

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