Father’s Day 2013

We had a nice Father’s Day weekend. Saturday, Ryan drove a load of our stuff that was in storage to the ranch and was gone all day, so the kids and I did a little (very quick) photo session to make his present- I thought it turned out really cute.

I dressed Grayson and Charlotte again in their sweet matching outfits for church this morning- they love their Daddy!

After an afternoon of playing (and NO NAPS, sigh)…

This little one finally gave in and decided her Daddy needed some sweet snuggles while she snoozed

And this little monkey demanded LOTS of singing, all day. Notice that even though he can’t talk, he can certainly express what he wants. (Please excuse my horrible singing- this is the best I have after singing the same song 25,545 times today)

A special Father’s Day shout out to my dad, who not only is sharing his home and putting up with our craziness right now, but also scored a 144 point word against me on Words with Friends a few minutes ago (I blame the no nap afternoon for allowing that to happen!).

Say a little prayer for G-Man tomorrow- he’s having a sedated MRI in the morning to let us know how his disease has progressed. We have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am- which obviously will be lots of fun!

Hope you and all the dads in your life had a great day!


6 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2013

  1. I think my computer is bugging out because I can't get it to play the video. Dang! Anyway, the pictures are adorable! I wish I were creative like that. Praying for you tomorrow morning… that sounds like an ugly morning and a stressful day! How soon do you get results from it? *hugs*

  2. Your dad picture came out fantastic!! So adorable! So glad you had a nice day together and love the pic of sweet c all snuggled up for a nap!!!!

  3. I love the father's day present! I meant to do the same for Charlie and totally failed. *sigh* Next year.Prayers that the MRI went well this morning!!

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