The Rest of the Week

What. A. Week.

Grayson came home from the hospital late Friday night. I guess he was finally (literally) tired of hanging out in the hospital crib, and finally decided to get his act together and give us a dirty diaper and tolerate his feeds at full rate.


I don’t think I have thought about, texted about, talked about, and prayed about POOP in all of my days combined as I have this week. I’m done. Can I please have a week (or month) off from diaper duty?

Early in Grayson’s stay, it was determined his main problem this time was clogged plumbing. Three enemas, three suppositories, and five days FINALLY got things moving. And now, well, they are moving. And moving, and moving. And little sister decided to join the party and got a touch of the stomach bug and has had multiple diaper blowouts the last few days as well. Including one all over her new smocked dress as we were about to walk out the door to church this morning. Sigh.

After spending all day with Grayson Thursday, I came down with the stomach bug myself and spent that night hugging the toilet. I’m just now starting to feel myself again. Sitting in the hospital for hours, and hours and hours is exhausting, and stressful, and I’m not surprised I got sick. I’m hoping this week I can catch up on my rest and really get completely well.

Grayson had a seizure in the hospital on Thursday. I was changing his diaper and it started with no warning. I was impressed and comforted how fast the team of doctors caring for him got to his room. They gave him medicine through his IV that stopped the seizure almost immediately, which I was also very much impressed me.

I spent the day Friday home with my sick little girl, trying to make both our tummies feel better. Ryan had his last day of school, so my amazing mom had Grayson duty at the hospital all day. He had an EEG and an Upper GI during the day and was discharged in the evening. Friday afternoon, I called the pediatrician just to touch base about Charlotte, and she recommended I bring her in to be checked out because it was going in to the weekend. It ended up being a total wasted trip because my silly girl was the smile-iest, squealiest, happy, NOT SICK baby you ever saw during her exam. I think the doctor (not our regular pedi) thought I was crazy. Her advice: keep nursing her. OK, thanks for that $25 copay advice. Oy.

So here we are, Sunday again. Grayson missed his entire first week of summer school last week; I told him that was his summer vacation. Praying for a healthy, happy, BORING upcoming week!


5 thoughts on “The Rest of the Week

  1. Oh my gosh. My reader has been down so I've missed out! I'm so sorry!!! I hope everyone starts feeling a lot better quickly! How miserable!!! Also, the second picture of Grayson took my breath away! It's like a model shot! LOL. And that last one of Charlotte… could she be any cuter? Praying for peace, calm tummies, and LOTS of SLEEP!!! *hugs*

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