The Monday Snapshot: Big Boy Swing

I had been searching for quite a while for a special needs swing for Grayson, in anticipation of him reaching 25 pounds and finally outgrowing the infant swing (he’s 26 now and the swing was creeakking and moving slower and slower every time he was in it). Swinging definitely soothes him, so it was crucial we found him something, especially for the 100 degree+ summers we have here, where going to the park isn’t an option most afternoons.
In my mind, what I wanted was a giant infant swing, which apparently doesn’t exist. My parents found this swing online and ordered it for Grayson for Christmas. My dad put it together this weekend. It’s enormous, but SO AWESOME! Grayson LOVES it- he stays in it for 45 minutes to an hour each time he’s in it. And my dad has ordered a motor and is going to rig it so we don’t have to constantly push him!


 And of course, little sister has to join in on the swinging fun too!


11 thoughts on “The Monday Snapshot: Big Boy Swing

  1. Love that swing! It's giant, but so sturdy and he looks so happy in it! Hope the motor gets installed soon so you don't have to push all the time. LOL. And she is gorgeous…

  2. Wow, that is just so cool! I'm happy you found something and that he loves it! Little sister looks pretty cute and cozy in her swing too!

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