She’s Here!

Grayson has a little sister!!!
Charlotte Faith Baker
Born January 20, 2013
11:30 AM
7 pounds, 1 ounce
19.5 inches

She is perfect and we are doing great!


30 thoughts on “She’s Here!

  1. She's stunning, Elizabeth! I can't wait to kiss those cheeks. Larkin insists on calling her Charlie, but has deemed her "sooo pretty" and he "loves her". Congratulations, Baker family!

  2. Well! This just makes my entire weekend! I gasped out loud when I saw in my reader that you have a GIRL!!!!!!Congrats! I hope Grayson is enjoying being a BIG brother! I'm sure it will take some time to sink in for him ;)And I love her name!

  3. I was just thinking about you and Grayson today as you popped into my head after finding you through Josey and some of the other ladies' blogs on Grayson's birthday several months back. So wonderful that I happened to come by to find this news today!! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!! She is gorgeous and I love her name! 🙂 I am sure Grayson will make a wonderful big brother to his new little sis.

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