Hello There!

My name is _____???? And I’m a ____???? (they didn’t give it away!) Don’t I already have a beautiful smile?!
And I don’t think you need to worry about me being cute, because HELLO, how much do I already look like my big brother?!
Grayson Robert, 30 weeks, 2 days
ME! 30 weeks, 6 days
And not to worry, because if I’m a girl, I already have a head full of hair (just like my brother did)!
But my Daddy thinks I’m a boy. My Mommy has no idea. My brother couldn’t care less.
It’s fun to snuggle up with my umbilical cord
Any guesses?

11 thoughts on “Hello There!

  1. What a beautiful face! I normally think babies in those 3d ultrasounds look creepy (just being honest), but not this time – you've got one cute kid in there :). And my first guess was girl, but after studying the pictures I'm leaning more toward boy!

  2. Beautiful!!!!! And so amazing that they even have the technology to do these. Back when I was pregnant, you got a VCR tape of a very fuzzy baby!! But I thought both my babies were beautiful . . . even through the fuzziness :)! Enjoy!!!

  3. I'm guessing girl… only because you already have a boy. LOL. I really don't know, but it's exciting! And amazing how much s/he looks like Grayson already!

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