18 Month Photoshoot

My sister Rebecca is in town, which means PICTURES! Of course, we love having her here for other reasons too, but this visit was timed perfectly since Grayson turns 18 months on Thursday (sniff sniff) and I wanted more professional pictures than from my iphone or the “auto” setting on my fancy camera.

Rebecca is SO talented- Grayson was not too excited about the shoot, but Rebecca still managed to get some awesome shots of the little dude (and some hilarious ones of his not-so-great ‘tude). He really wasn’t cooperating in our yard, so we took him to the park and plopped him in the swing- always a winner in his book. He could swing all day.

Also, check out the new blog header she made me this afternoon- I love it!

Can you tell it was really windy today? Ha!

If looks could kill…

He owns the swings

9 thoughts on “18 Month Photoshoot

  1. Love it, love it, love it! Love the boy, love the hair (esp the windy photos!), love the banner. Love that come hither look in the last photo, lol. Oh, and how is it possible that our boys are nearly 18 months old?!?

  2. Adorable squared!!! 18 months? Get out!!!!! Fantastic pics, great expressions and nice shirt choice, he looks great in green! Love these.

  3. Great photos, and I love your new header! Don't you just love good pictures of your son? I wish I could have someone follow us around all day long and just shoot pictures of the fun, everyday stuff like going to the park! You'll cherish these photos forever!

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