Daddy Time

G normally goes down for bed between 5:30 and 6:00 and sleeps 12 hours without waking. We started him on the Mito cocktail supplements a week ago, and they are affecting his sleep somewhat. He’s been waking up crying about an hour after we put him down, and generally seems more restless. Tonight he absolutely did not want to go to bed and let us know it, LOUDLY. He was WIDE AWAKE until about 8:00- waaay past his bedtime. Thankfully he’s sound asleep now.

The positive of this is G spent some quality time with his daddy, who he doesn’t get to see much at all in the evenings. G thinks his daddy is SO FUNNY and has the best head and face for kissing (and gnawing on- ha ha!)

Ha ha! Daddy is hilarious

Checking out Dad’s Energy for Life Mito band

Daddy’s hand is better than a teether

Both boys getting sleeeepy

If you have a minute and a half and want to see some epic drool and adorable baby-chatter, watch this…hee hee. I can’t stop giggling.


5 thoughts on “Daddy Time

  1. Precious, adorable pictures!!! What great moments to capture! Ugh for a late bedtime (hope this is not a new thing…), but glad for some special time with Daddy!

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