Happy Valentines Day!

My littlest Valentine…one year later. He’s grown so much…sniff sniff.

I had a pretty good day with my lovies. Ryan knows better than to buy me flowers or chocolate, and the key to this girl’s heart is Mexican food. So after his dentist appointment this morning, he stopped and got me breakfast tacos. He also posted this early this morning…so sweet. I definitely have a keeper 🙂

I told Grayson he better not throw up on his super cute Valentine’s shirt and he obeyed me- until 4:00…sigh.

 Ryan has his first softball game of the season tonight, so I’m hanging out with the (sleeping) baby and the pups. Nothing better than puppy love…

I know I have taken this EXACT picture about 100 times in his life- poor G- ha!

Happy Valentines Day friends- hope your day was filled with love.



3 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. So so very cute!! Love the comparison between last year and this, amazing! And what a sweet note from Ryan, what a lovely Valentine. Glad it was a fun day!

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