3 Years!

Today is Ryan’s and my 3 year anniversary! Here are some pictures from our wedding on June 14, 2008- it was a perfect day!

I love that it took 5 girls to get my dress on!

My girls- I am blessed to still be so close with all of them

Walking down the aisle with my dad- I love the back of my dress

Just Married!

Just after the ceremony

LOUD bagpiper led us to the reception (did I mention he was LOUD?!)

Cutting the cake

Ryan’s Scottish bagpipe groom’s cake- the crown sat in our freezer
 for 2 years before we finally threw it out!

Super fun car with personalized lisence plate

And life begins…

8 thoughts on “3 Years!

  1. Beautiful photos. It was a great day, you were beautiful and the colors on the cake and flowers, still love!!! So fun to look at these pictures again!!!

  2. HAPPY 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!! everything about your wedding is stunning but the three really stuck out….1) YOU ARE GORGEOUS2) the flowers are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3) you had a BAGPIPER?!! SWEET!

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