What a Lucky Kid

Most kids have to beg their parents for a dog- Grayson has FOUR! Of course, he doesn’t care about them, and actually has yet to really acknowledge their existence- but he will. I’ve been trying for weeks to get a good picture of G-man and his Hank-man, but so far Hank wants nothing to do with posing for a cute baby/bloodhound picture.

This morning, Grayson and I went to work at Waggin’ Tails for a few hours, and we took some pictures with Wyatt, the lovable lab that is affectionately known as the Sheriff of WT. Wyatt is sweet, gentle, and LOVES kids. He even has his own blog (yours truly is his ghost writer).

So, not only does G have four dogs of his own, he gets to hang out with lots and lots of doggies (and humans who just love him) when we go to work. Lucky kid!


2 thoughts on “What a Lucky Kid

  1. giddyup! ha! Too cute. Sadie has decided that she loves Shelli. She gets so excited when she sees her and will follow her around. Your dogs have their day coming when G won't leave them alone too!

  2. G is a lucky boy indeed! I wish I had four dogs! I swoon over the idea of having a dog one day. It would be great! Our families dog was around for 16 years. He was truly a member of the family. I'd love that for my daughter. Maybe some day when we can afford some outside space to call our own. A girl can dream!

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