My Don’t Do List

One of my favorite podcasts, Sorta Awesome, released a show on Friday called “The Awesome Freedom of the DON’T do list”. Basically, the point was we can’t do it all, and there’s freedom in letting go of things that just aren’t a priority. I also think there’s a lot of freedom in admitting your “Don’t Do” list and releasing any shame associated with any of the things on the list.

Here is my Don’t List:

  • I don’t bathe my kids every night. Or every other night. Or even every third night. Once or twice a week works for us, unless they get really dirty or sticky.
  • I don’t grocery shop. It totally stresses me out. Ryan doesn’t mind doing it, so it works out for all.
  • I don’t take my kids to birthday parties of kids we don’t know that well (like from school).
  • I don’t throw big/elaborate/Pinteresty  birthday parties for my kids. Not. My. Thing.
  • I don’t do “extracurricular” activites with the kids, yet. Charlotte has one thing a week at night right now, and it’s a good thing for her, but it makes that evening so, so hectic.
  • I don’t bake. If you want me to bring something somewhere, I’ll be glad to, as long as I can pick it up at a grocery store or drive-through.
  • I don’t (and won’t) sign Charlotte up for dance classes.
  • I don’t vary breakfast, at all. Charlotte and Nolan both eat a waffle, yogurt and fruit every single morning. They haven’t complained, so I’m going with the no-brainer.
  • I don’t make my bed or change my sheets often enough.
  • I don’t go to football games.
  • I don’t watch movies.
  • I don’t listen to much music (prefer podcasts) so I don’t know any of the popular songs
  • I don’t keep 99.5% of the artwork the kids bring home from school/church. I take pictures of the cute stuff and toss it all.
  • I don’t do my Bible study homework, ever.
  • I don’t buy much organic food
  • I don’t make phone calls unless I absolutely have to, or I really like you.
And my holiday Don’t List:
  • This year, I’m probably not going to do Christmas cards. I love them, but it’s already December 5, I have no picture and really don’t want to spend the money. Maybe I’ll do a social media post that can count this year.
  • I don’t do Elf on the Shelf.
  • I don’t do elaborate decorations. We have about 15 ornaments on the tree that are out of toddler-reach, and I decorated the mantle. Done.
  • I don’t watch Christmas movies (because I don’t watch movies) but A Christmas Story on in the background is a must for Christmas day.
  • I don’t buy a ton of presents. I wish I could, but yikes, this time of year is so expensive.
What things are on your “Don’t Do” list?

4 thoughts on “My Don’t Do List

  1. Love this. For us, I (we) don't have birthday bashes. We celebrate with just the 4 of us with small decor, cake, candles, and presents. No extended family. No friends. I don't plan to have a birthday party thing anytime soon.
    I don't do organized Anything as it relates to sports, activities. They can join or sign up when they are older. Not gonna drag unwilling toddlers to soccer, dance. Or anything.

  2. You and I are SO much alike!!! I feel sometimes like people think I just don't try but honestly, it's ridiculous all that we are expected to accomplish in a day!!!

  3. Love this! I will try it once! I guess its amazing to find that many people actually don't do many of these things too! (I don't do laundry, my husband does it and I handle the clean clothes after they are dry)

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