Dragons: #NaBloPoMo Day 22

Charlotte has a book about a little boy who woke up one morning to find a small dragon in his room. The boy went and told his mother and she told him, There’s no such thing as a dragon. So for the rest of the day, the little boy ignored the dragon, acting like it wasn’t there, because he thought there was no sense giving the dragon any attention or correction if it really didn’t exist. But the problem was, the more he ignored the dragon, the larger and more destructive it became. Eventually, the dragon filled the family’s house, pulled it up by the foundation, and ran away with their home. The little boy’s father found the family and asked, How did this happen? When he was told that it was the dragon, the mother tried to deny its existence again, but this time, the little boy wasn’t having it. There IS a dragon! A very BIG dragon! and he patted the dragon on the head. Immediately, the dragon began to get smaller.

Small dragons are still dragons, and can quickly turn into big dragons when good people deny or downplay their existence.

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5 thoughts on “Dragons: #NaBloPoMo Day 22

  1. What a terrific book, I have a few nieces and nephews to shop for this year. A great way to encourage communication within a family though I don't suspect the littles will be applying the storyline to politics. 🙂 Ty for the share.

  2. My oldest also loves this book. 🙂 And I agree, we need to address the dragons in the room beforehand they chase us out of the house.

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