Charlotte Learns to Swim: Part 2

Yesterday was Charlotte’s second lesson with SafeSplash Swim School. Unfortunately, we had to miss last week due to Grayson being in the hospital, but it didn’t seem to slow our girl down one bit. She was so anxious to get to the pool and she practically dragged me out the door.

We got to her lesson a few minutes early, and she graciously gave me a sweet poolside pose, and then a silly one. 

This week, Charlotte did much better blowing bubbles (she actually put her face in the water) and loved throwing and chasing the little rubber toys on the pool noodle. 

She practiced floating, but hasn’t quite mastered the skill yet. She’s a pro at getting out of the pool though, doing “elbow, elbow, tummy.”

During the last few minutes of class, she practiced jumping off the side- she was fearless and loved it. She even went underwater a few times!

She was so confused when the lesson was over and kept saying, “Why’s it over? Why can’t we go back?”

We are loving her lessons and can’t wait for the pool to open to try out her new skills!

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. SafeSplash Swim School is providing a month’s swim lesson in exchange for blog posts.


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