A Fresh Start

Nolan got his first haircut on Friday. His signature wild “LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR” dark brown locks are gone, and what’s left is soft, light brown hair that matches his siblings’- a sweet, neat, little boy haircut. 
I know there are those who are horrified that my 5 month old baby got a haircut. “But he looks so much older…so much different.” Yeah, he does. And I LOVE IT. 

Something changed for me on Friday when I walked out of that salon. It felt like I was holding a brand new baby. Just like his hair, the past few months have felt wild and out of control. Sweaty and scream-y. 

We needed a fresh start, a new beginning. More smiles and less tears. 
There’s still lots about life right now that deserves the side-eye, but it’s slowly getting better. 
I just adore this trio- you think they’re related?!?


3 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. What a beautiful beautiful family!!! I think we all need a fresh start every once in awhile. If God's mercies can be new every morning . . . so can my attitude :0! Blessings to you dear friend!

  2. I just finished reading your blog from archives to current and so just had to comment! Grayson is looking well in the above picture of all 3, maybe lost a bit of the weight he'd put on last year? Definitely looks quite alert, awesome! My younger daughter is 5 and Charlotte reminds me a lot of her! Not to get any big hopes up but I find as she's gotten older the drama phases are farther between and kindergarten seems to have helped her realize not everything is about HER haha. And Nolan- looking so big with his haircut! Thank you for sharing your life and family ❤

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