Letters to Grayson: Four and a Half


Dear Grayson,
You are now four and a half years old. You may not be a typical four and a half year old, but you sure are my favorite one. I can’t even put into words how much I love and adore you. 
You have such a softness and gentleness about you. Your hands and feet are always warm, and so, so soft. 

The sweetness of your face reminds me to slow down to love and cuddle you just a little longer. 

We try to include you in whatever we can, even if that means pushing you through the mud. You love being outside; it calms you. 

You have so many people, both children and adults, who love you and try to make you happy however they can. 
Happy Half Birthday, sweet boy. 


7 thoughts on “Letters to Grayson: Four and a Half

  1. Such a gorgeous boy! He looks so calm and his look shows he is present. May God bless him and improve his health! He is such a blessing and you are a great mum (dad, too)!

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