Good Things This Week

  • I’m having writer’s block lately and not much inspiration for this blog. Actually, I could write 3 blog posts a day if I had a computer that could somehow transcribe my thoughts as they came to me.

  • For 22 hours of the day, I really want another baby.  During the hours of 3:30-5:30 pm,  all I want is wine.

  • I need to write a blog post of all the hilarious things my toddler says and does. Last night, not so hilarious when she woke up hysterical three times because she couldn’t find her stuffed dog in her crib (he was in the corner each time). So consequently, I slept a total of about four minutes last night. But, I did reintroduce myself to Gilmore Girls during my insomnia, and I really had forgotten how good that show is.

  • I turned 35 on Monday. My best friend sent me a picture of us when we were 22. Um, yeah, I look a lot different now. OLD.

  • We went to the ranch last weekend and made a birthday pound cake for me and G’s nurse, who also turns 35 next week. Pound cake with no icing- it was my birthday and that’s what I wanted.

  • In general, I don’t really like movies (I much prefer television series) but we went and saw Gone Girl the other night and I loved it. It was just like the book, which I also loved.

  • It doesn’t matter how thoroughly or how much time I spend cleaning, if we are home more than six consecutive minutes, it’s destroyed. But the good news is, there’s no longer water dripping from the ceiling!

  • My little sister got engaged on Sunday!

  • My sister in law and I took the kids (minus G) to a farm yesterday. Toddlers are so cooperative and enthusiastic about posing for pictures. But they do love goats.

  • I really need to start taking more pictures of G again- even if he looks awkward, and even if he doesn’t smile. He is just the sweetest- he just wants to be held, hugged, kissed and sung to. And he’s doing so, so well. He has an appointment in the morning with his Mito specialist, and I’m really hoping for no surprises.

  • It’s Scandal night! Will you be watching?!?

4 thoughts on “Good Things This Week


    I had to giggle at your baby comment. 🙂 My coworker (and close friend) is on her way to the hospital right now to have a baby, and my best friend just showed me a positive pregnancy test. Yep. Baby fever here too.

  2. Wasn't last night's episode good? I'm about to re watch it during nap time instead of cleaning my house 🙂

    And yes, all these people need to stop having babies- how else are we going to get rid of baby fever?!?

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