Life with Charnado

 She is fearless. She can’t swim, yet wants no help as she goes deeper and deeper, further and further from shore.

 She is independent. I’ll get my own snack, thankyouverymuch. And yeah, she really, really likes grapes.

 She’s into self expression.

There’s no one she adores more than her cousins…

Except for her brother.

90% of the time, I adore spending almost all my time with this girl. She is funny, smart, and opinionated. But the other 10% of the time, she is also smart and opinionated. And that can be well, exasperating.

Tonight she thought her baby doll needed peas for dinner more than she did.

Also, from looking at these pictures, perhaps I should make more of an effort to actually put clothes on my kid more often. Oops.


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