I’m sitting on the couch holding a tissue to my nose to try and stop the bleeding. Why do I have a bloody nose you ask? My dear daughter likes to attempt to stick her finger up my nose while I feed her, and tonight she managed to stick it so far up that it’s now bleeding. And it hurts. My life is obviously very glamorous.

Speaking of things that are glamorous, except not, on Friday we had the carpets cleaned in our new home. I was optimistic that even though they appeared to be quite stained, dirty and smelly, if we gave someone hundreds of dollars to put chemicals and steam on the carpets, that they would be fine. Yeah, not so much. We went over to the house yesterday afternoon and I almost died from the smell: wet dog mixed with urine mixed with all other things disgusting. Blegh. I think the cleaning did nothing but bring all the nastiness to the surface. We rehomed four dogs and yet we still can’t escape from dog smells! So three cheers for the unexpected expense of replacing an entire house of carpet.

And the carpet isn’t the only unexpected, large expense we are going to have before we move in. Remember I told you about the torrential rains on Halloween? Well, apparently, the sliding glass doors in the house aren’t installed correctly, and water got in and under the flooring in the dining room and it started bubbling up. YAY! So we will be replacing sliding doors with windows and adding a French door where one of them is. Sounds expensive, right? Oy.

But I do have good news: my Desperate Housewives paint looks great in the kitchen, and the paint store is having a 40% off sale next week. I’m sure that savings will help make up for our new carpet, windows and doors (typed as I roll my eyes). I told Ryan we really need to take “before” pictures of this place, because the “afters” better show an amazing transformation!

Welp, other than new house nastiness and bloody noses, we actually had a really nice weekend. The weather was gorgeous, and we had plenty to keep us busy: music class, a baby shower, church and a music class concert this afternoon. And the best news of all: football season is OVER! Let’s hear it for Ryan’s team that didn’t make the playoffs- woo hoo! I told him Grayson was wearing this shirt today in celebration- hee hee.

Hope everyone had a great weekend- and now I must go to bed; with DST, my body is telling me it’s much later than the clock shows. And my nose still hurts. I’m just going to be done with this day now.


4 thoughts on “Yuck

  1. Ugh, so frustrating to have to replace things, but how fun will it be to start FRESH with this new house too?!

    Darn kids picking noses. Stella used to pinch my arm while she nursed. Um, OUCH!

  2. Are you saying you have a lot of domestic plights right now? Yay! Take it easy with the renovation. I hope your nose gets better soon. And yes, please show us the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics of your house. I’m curious to see these new carpet, windows, and doors. Merrill @ LoveYourWindows.com

  3. Sliding glass doors not installed correctly sounds trouble! And it's sad to hear that you had to suffer from leaks that resulted to your dining room flooring bubbling up because of that. And though a new door might cost some amount, addressing the matter immediately will prove to be cheaper than working on it later when the damage has already escalated. With all these you had to attend to, I hope you still kept your cool, and handled all of these house projects well.
    Jamie Hunt @ Renewal by Andersen

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