(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Today Was A Good Day

We had a good day today filled with beautiful weather, a little shopping, family, and good food.

This morning, Charlotte and I had a play date with her new cousin Theo.

Obligatory posed photo op:

5 weeks and 8.5 months


Aaaand…we’re done. “Gentle” is not a concept we’ve mastered just yet.

We came home around lunchtime, and Charlotte took a 2 hour nap. We had an hour before we had to pick up Grayson, so Charlotte, my mom and I went to Gymboree to get Grayson some fall/winter clothes, just in case it ever gets below 80 degrees around here. Then after we picked up Grayson from school, we went to Target- always a fun time!

Grammie shared her passion tea- Charlotte is a fan. And apparently she can drink out of a straw- this was news to me!

Showing off his new sweater Grammie bought him today

We got to see Theo again tonight- they came over for taco night- such a treat! Theo is sooooo cute!

So thankful for good days filled with ordinary moments with my sweet family. 


4 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Today Was A Good Day

  1. Ummmmmmm, is that Grayson's acorn hat from when he was a tiny tiny baby? Too cute on Theo, love it! So glad for your nice good day, I love when our kids master a skill and we are shocked, hooray for drinking through a straw C!

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